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Posted on Jul 8, 2014

15 Signs You Care More About Drunk Food Than Drinking

Let's be honest here: pizza > beer.

1. You plan where you go out entirely around where you want to eat.

2. And you keep an eye on the clock so you don’t get to your restaurant of choice after closing time.

3. With every shot you take, you think of all the carbs you'll need to soak all that alcohol up.

4. You subtly hint at how good an end-of-night food mission would be, to plant the idea in your friends' heads.

5. And you gently nag your friends about every half hour to go get food.

6. But, when all else fails, you are willing to go in it alone.

Cartoon Network / Via

7. You have a way better time if there’s a burger to go with your beer.

Paramount Pictures / Via

8. Or cheese to go with your wine.

9. And you are always a little disappointed when you attend a birthday party and you get a free shot instead of cake :(

10. You’ve done some serious bonding at 3 a.m. diner excursions.

Miramax Films / Via

The only things worth staying up that late for are breakfast foods.

11. And your most treasured memories of nights out involve excitedly waiting in line for ALL THE FOOD.

12. The highlight of the night is, always, hands down, the moment you drunkenly roll into bed with a sandwich.

Nickelodeon / Via

13. If you had to choose between getting laid and that sandwich, you’d pick the sandwich almost every time.

Fox / Via

(OK, every time.)

14. Honestly, you often eat so much food that you fully become sober.

Cartoon Network / Via

Now you're just in a food coma.

15. And you’re perfectly fine with that.

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