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Updated on Jan 16, 2019. Posted on Dec 27, 2015

17 Reasons Emo Boys Will Always Rule Your Heart

Welcome to the black parade, forever.

1. Despite wearing all black, emo boys always brighten up the most boring parts of your day.

2. And they certainly know how to woo you with words.

Equal Vision / Via

3. They walk with an irresistible angsty confidence you will always adore.

StandBy Records / Via

4. And the way they challenge authority is never not hot.

5. But when they smile, your heart grins back.

6. And when they decide to take off their shirts and show off their tats, it is just too much joy for this sad, gray world.

7. Their sensitive natures pair well with cute animals.

8. Just the act of them gently brushing their long locks out of their faces is enough to get you through the day.

Reprise / Via

9. They have the elegance to not only pull off skinny jeans, but to make them look like works of leg art, too precious to not be in a museum.

10. And they pull off vests and ties like no one else.

11. They were, and always will be, the boys jamming out in the band room.

Reprise / Via

12. Because they're usually channeling their feelings into art.

Fueled By Ramen / Via

13. You always feel the strong urge to just give them a hug and love them forever.

14. Partly because you just KNOW they make the best cuddlers.

15. They'll both charm and surprise you with their sense of humor.

16. But their soulful, intense gaze will always be your favorite.

17. Emo boys, they’ve got you under their spell forever.

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