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    29 Reasons You Should Absolutely Have A Halloween Wedding

    Spooky, scary!

    1. You can send out delightfully ominous invites:

    Papertastebuds / Via

    2. You can have pumpkins double as macabre decor.


    $50 from Etsy.

    3. Your ring box can really hammer home the point "till death do us part."


    $21 from Etsy.

    4. Your cardholders won't suck.

    Offbeat Bride / Via

    5. Your cake toppers can be tastefully dark:


    $25.87 from Etsy.

    6. You can get really crafty with the lawn decorations:

    7. Your guests can appreciate a theme with actual color:

    Gathering Guide

    Swank Productions

    8. Flawless makeup on your wedding day will reach an entirely new standard:

    Swank Productions / Via

    9. And everyone will appreciate the dress code:

    Miss Indie Blog / Via

    10. You can werk black beading and a birdcage veil like nobody's business.

    LiveJournal / Via

    Look at this couple. Look how boss they look.

    11. Or, if you're really going for it, you can wear a bat in flight as a veil.

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    (From the Giles show at the Spring 2014 London Fashion Week.)

    12. You can have sassy flower girl outfits:

    Your Sparkle Box / Via


    13. Candy hor d'ouerves:

    Hostess With the Mostess

    Wedding Obsession

    Ashley Photographer

    Honestly, this is reason enough.

    14. Spooky wedding rings 4 evah:

    Lark Books/Yesim Yuksek

    Classic Engagement Ring

    15. You can defy nature by having black flowers:

    My Inspired Wedding / Via

    16. You can acquire the most perfect spoons in existence:


    $28.95 on Etsy

    17. Your centerpieces can get real whimsical:

    Wedding Obsession / Via

    18. You can replace ice cubes with something more pleasing to the eye:

    Los Angeles Zombie Wedding / Via

    19. You can have a bloody great cake (sliced with an ax, of course):

    Boho Wedding

    Boho Weddings

    20. Or this work of undeniable genius:

    Cupcakes Take the Cake / Via


    22. You can get a sick ride to and from the ceremony:

    Baltimore Sun / Via

    23. The phrase "smell my feet" won't be out of place at all:

    Heather Forsythe / Via

    24. You can wear a SCORPION AND BEETLE TIARA:


    $19 on Etsy.

    25. You can add little skull and crossbones accents everywhere and not feel excessive about it:


    $35 on Ghostlove.

    26. You can pay homage to all of your favorite Tim Burton movies:

    Frostings By Judy



    Jack and Sally cake toppers, $189 on ArtFire.

    27. You can have a decorative witch chilling in the background:

    28. Or better yet, more skeletons:

    Boho Weddings / Via

    29. Most importantly, you can 100% be yourself!

    Miss Indie Blog / Via