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15 Reasons Why The Russian Adaptation Of "Winnie The Pooh" Is Undeniably Better Than The American Version

Vinni Pukh is greatly superior and you are wrong to think otherwise.

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But Pooh of USA is friends with Tigger, who is literally always knocking him down.

Disney/Winnie the Pooh / Via dailymail.co.uk

He's the equivalent of that friend of yours who always gets too drunk and makes you question why you go out with them, every time.

But American Pooh follows the rules and even accepts punishment for things that are Tigger's fault. Who in real life wants to do that?

While Disney Pooh is, like, always happy. No one's that happy.

Disney/Winnie the Pooh / Via youtube.com

Someone just robbed him of all his honey and he's just smiling like nothing happened. Weirdo!

15. Vinni Pukh has his own postage stamp (and while he doesn't have as many stamps as Winnie the Pooh, his is by far more aesthetically-pleasing.)

And Yevgeny Leonov, the famed Moscow Stanislavsky actor who voiced Pukh, has an epic stamp of his own.

To watch the episodes with English subtitles, click here!

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