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    15 Reasons Why The Russian Adaptation Of "Winnie The Pooh" Is Undeniably Better Than The American Version

    Vinni Pukh is greatly superior and you are wrong to think otherwise.

    1. Vinni Pukh looks like a REAL bear.

    A.A. Milne son named his stuffed bear Winnie after the black bear he saw at the zoo (pictured above.) So, if you think about it, Vinni Pukh looks more like the real deal. BAM.

    While American Pooh seems to be in denial of who he really is.

    Art on the right by toxicness.

    2. Everything about Vinni is adorable, like his paws that aren't actually attached to his body.

    Meanwhile, Pooh's greatest visual quirk is a crop top.

    3. Vinni is a wordsmith when it comes to song lyrics.

    Yet American Pooh always sings about sharing and trying new things.

    4. Vinni poses some deep philosophical questions.

    Whereas Pooh gets confused from Eeyore just moving around too much.

    5. Vinni even gets existential.

    While all the pop culture references in the American episode titles probably go way over Pooh's head.

    6. Vinni's problem assessment skills are top-notch.

    While Disney Pooh just complains a lot.

    7. Vinni understands the complex psychology of everyone around him.

    Pooh can't even tell that honey thieves are hiding under his bed.

    8. Vinni's a true master of disguise.

    At the same time, Pooh can't even pull off a Clint Eastwood look.

    9. Vinni analyzes his friendships with careful precision.

    But Pooh of USA is friends with Tigger, who is literally always knocking him down.

    10. Vinni's motivations resemble yours to a startling degree.

    But American Pooh follows the rules and even accepts punishment for things that are Tigger's fault. Who in real life wants to do that?

    11. Vinni Pukh says what we're all thinking, no matter how non-politically correct:

    While Disney Pooh is, like, always happy. No one's that happy.

    12. Vinni even touches upon the societal pressure to lose weight.

    Meanwhile, Pooh just swims in some honey like it's no big deal.

    13. Piglet is inarguably more fashion-forward.


    14. And all of Vinni Pukh's friends are as charming as he is:

    Eeyore <3.

    Disney Pooh's friends just always look stressed out.

    15. Vinni Pukh has his own postage stamp (and while he doesn't have as many stamps as Winnie the Pooh, his is by far more aesthetically-pleasing.)

    And Yevgeny Leonov, the famed Moscow Stanislavsky actor who voiced Pukh, has an epic stamp of his own.

    In short, Vinni Pukh is perfect and you're a fool not to love him.

    But, to be fair, both versions got this scene down perfectly:

    To watch the episodes with English subtitles, click here!