The 30 Most Ambitious Style Choices Lena Dunham Made In 2013

The Girls star and creator is the fashion icon you never knew you needed.

1. This abstract art-inspired eyeball necklace:

2. These nails that have everything you want in one manicure:

3. These ruffleTASTIC shoes that look like a layered dessert:

4. This rubber lizard midriff shirt:

5. This tiny cassette necklace juxtaposed with a Chanel charm like NBD:

6. These short go-go boots and hieroglyph-print tights:

7. This purse which is also a MOUSE:

8. This shirt and yin yang necklace that time traveled from 1996 just to be with her:

9. This romantic number, which she let her fans vote on:

10. This kangaroo onesie:

11. This crazily perfect blue-handed, red-talon-nailed collar decal:

12. This shirt from probably the ’70s (in a GREAT WAY):

13. This gown that can fit a whole friend:

14. This extraordinary combination of polka dot/sunflower blouse, Lamby ring, and pin of her boyfriend/fun. band member Jack Antonoff:

15. This lip-print dress (complete with a flawless ’60s makeover):

16. This pairing of a soft floral blouse with sporty print leggings and wedge sneakers.

17. These glasses which may or may not also be camera lens caps:

18. This bra-as-headband look:

19. This Judd Apatow pendant:

20. These high-waisted cherry shorts that thankfully made it past season two of Girls and into her real-life wardrobe:

21. These insane vintage clogs:

22. This floppy hat that actually works with the time period Mark Twain (pictured right) was from:

23. This intense beaded statement necklace:

24. This generally epic combo of accessories:

25. This captain’s hat because WHY NOT:

26. This lovely crescent moon necklace:

27. All of this arrowhead bling:

28. This Shakespearean collar with leather jacket:

29. This fuchsia NYE dress and Lisa Frank-esque clutch, perfect for ringing in the new year.

30. And this satin, monogrammed PJ set she allegedly left the house in, because she is a hero to us all:

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