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5 Reasons "The Theory Of Everything" Will Make You Cry More Than Any Other Movie This Year

Like, more than The Fault In Our Stars.

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1. It focuses on the personal life of Stephen Hawking and his relationship with his wife rather than solely his accomplishments.

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The Theory of Everything, which opens Nov. 7, tells the story of Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) and Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones), who met shortly before Stephen was diagnosed with motor neuron disease, giving him a life expectancy of two years. They were married afterward and stayed together for many years, with Jane filling the role of wife, mother, nurse, and fervent supporter.

"We're [ultimately] dealing with the portrait of a marriage," director James Marsh told BuzzFeed News at the film's New York premiere.

2. It's an unconventional love story about a relationship that was as complex as it was full of blind hope.

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"I was already fascinated with Stephen as a result of his book A Brief History Of Time. But in 2004, I read Jane's book [Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen], and suddenly she revealed to me the incredibly interesting private life, which was unorthodox and challenging and totally unexpected," screenwriter Anthony McCarten told BuzzFeed News.

3. It isn't overly idealistic and it doesn't try to glamorize the Hawkings' marriage.

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"I would start the day in my mid-thirties with two children and doing a scene where Jane's quite harassed and almost quite depressed," Jones told BuzzFeed News. "And then, the second half of the day, I'd have to take off all that emotional baggage and she'd be 18 when she first meets and falls in love with Stephen."

4. It's far more about the relationships between the characters than the disease itself.

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"I knew we weren't going to be shooting chronologically, so I tried to learn all of Stephen's different physicalities, sort of how a dancer does," Redmayne told BuzzFeed News. "So in your body, you end up playing the human story, the emotional story. Because this isn't about the disease — this is a film about two human beings, and that was really important to me."

5. The chemistry between Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones is very, very real.

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"Within the first couple of days, we realized there was a magic between [Redmayne and Jones]. He would look into her face and see so much emotion, and it would produce even more emotion in himself, and vice versa," said McCarten. "And they were just upping the ante on each other, and I think the results are on screen."

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