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    17 Reasons Dogs Are Actually Man's Best Friend

    They get you through the ruff times.

    1. They'll keep you entertained during long road trips.

    2. They're always down to reaaaally veg out.

    3. They share or at least totally support your passions.

    4. When you catch them doing something embarrassing, they foolishly try to deny it.

    5. They'll indulge you with some memorably bad drunken karaoke duets.

    6. And do the weirdest things when you two are alone.

    7. When you have a laugh attack, they're usually right there with you.

    8. They have pretty much the same taste in music.

    9. They'll do it for the Vine -- but only for you.

    10. Being your best friend, they are prone to being pranked.

    11. They know they can lean on you for moral support as they grow.

    12. And, likewise, they are there for you during your less-glamorous hours.

    13. When you really need one, they will absolutely give you a hug.

    14. They are pretty much always in-sync with you.

    15. They know everything about you, and accept it.

    16. Just like you completely know them and what makes them happy.

    17. And you both have the best friendship out there.