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How Do You Protect Your Posture If Work Or School Keeps You At A Computer All Day?

Raise your hand if your back hurts.

Working from home during ~these times~ is tough for many reasons — but one of them is definitely the fact that many of us are SITTING so much every day.

"My back hurts all the time for no reason." How I sit every day:

Which means: potential back aches, neck aches, or shoulder aches.


Or all of the above!

So we want to know: How are you dealing with this? Did you buy an ergonomic chair or standing desk? And did it help?

Wow I'm so glad that I invested in a Herman Miller Aeron ergonomic chair.

Do you use anything in particular to help keep your posture in check?

A back cushion that attaches to your desk chair, available on Amazon.

Maybe you invested in something small but effective. For example, a ton of Amazon reviewers swear by this memory form back cushion that attaches to your desk chair.

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Do you schedule breaks to walk around the block during the day? Or do you build in a yoga or stretch routine before or after your work or school day?

View this video on YouTube

Maybe you set quick alarms on your phone every other hour as a reminder to get up — or get out, while the weather is still nice! Or you make it a rule to walk around while taking calls.

Whatever your experience is, we want to hear about it. Share in the comments below — tips, tricks, advice, and feel free to include photos, if you'd like! You could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.