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19 Problems All Polysexual People Know To Be True

"Polysexual? Isn't that just pansexual?" *bangs forehead against wall*

1. Explaining the difference between bisexual, pansexual, and polysexual gets insanely tiring.

2. Which makes you all the more nervous to have to try and explain it.

3. So sometimes you just give in and say you're gay or bisexual to avoid an unproductive conversation.

4. Or sometimes, just not saying anything feels a lot better.

5. Because you often find people don't actually care to learn about you.

6. And you're used to people not taking your sexuality seriously.

7. Sometimes, you crush hard on too many people.

8. Other times, you're looking for a very specific person that you haven't actually met yet.

9. Three words: straight girl crushes.

10. The community you're in can feel kind of small at times.

11. At times, you feel like you don't belong anywhere.

12. Because the truth is, a lot of people don't even know polysexuality exists.

13. Expressing your identity can be a challenge every once in a while.

14. And sometimes figuring out exactly who you like is frustrating, because your feelings can vary so much.

15. You feel like so many people around you prefer to simplify gender and sexuality when you want them to see how diverse the options can be.

16. You're not sure why people want you to conform to standards that make no sense to you.

17. And you don't get why people feel like they can only like one gender.

18. You want everyone to just read this PSA and remember:

19. Which makes it all the better when someone comes out of the woodwork and supports you.