29 Pets Who Went Through A Cooler Punk Phase Than You

“Molars and fangs, the clicking of bones”, alright.

Click “play” and scroll down mohawk memory lane:

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1. Kitty Rotten

Level of Punk: Scrawled “I believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure, babe” on a chalkboard before.

2. Pup Vicious

Level of Punk: Made their own padlock necklace a la Sid Vicious.

3. Cat Strummer

Level of Punk: Introduced at least one friend to ska.

4. Barking Lord Pooch

Level of Punk: Scribbled Ramones lyrics into every notebook.

5. Meowy Ramone


Level of Punk: Hung out at St. Marks just to shop at Trash and Vaudeville/Search and Destroy.

6. Ruff Rollins

Level of Punk: Prioritized Black Flag concerts over any other.

7. Purry Katz

Level of Punk: Collected zines from the LA, London and NYC scenes.

8. Pitbull Danzig

Level of Punk: Studded at least two pairs of Doc Martens.

9. Squeak Ignorant

Level of Punk: Decorated a skateboard deck with stickers of all important protopunk bands.

10. Growl Gaffin

Level of Punk: Had an intense crush on pretty much every Riot Grrrl frontwoman.

11. Cat #2

Level of Punk: Wrote a history paper tracing the start of the punk movement back to early 60s garage rock.

12. Howl Unseen

Level of Punk: Experimented with at least three different Manic Panic dyes.

13. Pussy Ryot

Level of Punk: Found Patti Smith’s Horses to be the most important album of all time.

14. Chihuahua Armstrong

Teresa Guerrero / Tiffany Hoy / Via epiphanyscience.wordpress.com

Level of Punk: Tried to make a vest, kind of messed up, LOVED IT EVEN MORE.

15. Itchy Pop

Level of Punk: Consistently dreamt about the scene on the other side of the North Atlantic.

16. Pug Burns

Level of Punk: Died a little when John Varvatos’ store took over CBGB.

17. Fuzzy Thunders

Level of Punk: Took up the guitar after reading “This is a chord, this is another, this is a third. Now form a band.”

18. Sniffy Lee Pierce

Level of Punk: Considered 2003 to be the best year of their life because The Stooges reunited.

19. Kitty Cat Hanna

Level of Punk: Had their worldview change completely upon listening to Discharge’s music.

Photo by moroaik.

20. Poodle Westerberg

Level of Punk: Attempted their own cover of “My Generation”.

21. Sphynx Bators

Level of Punk: Embellished every available part of a leather jacket with safety pins.

22. Scruffy A

Level of Punk: Tried to pull off Siouxsie Sioux’s bondage look at least once.

23. Bad Cat Loose

Level of Punk: Watched Sid and Nancy too many times to count.

24. Mutt Perry

Level of Punk: Hoarded cassettes even when CDs and digital music were available just to stay true to the movement.

25. Puppy Crash

Level of Punk: Experienced serious mustache envy upon seeing Eugene Hütz’s.

26. Fluffy Mould


Level of Punk: Still feels a rush from listening to the Rock Against Bush albums.

27. Schnauzer Morris

Level of Punk: Unflinchingly knows The Clash’s entire discography.

28. Calico Allin

Level of Punk: Spent every St. Patrick’s Day at a Dropkick Murphys show.

29. Doggy Hell

Level of Punk: Came home mildly bruised from pogoing at every live show.

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