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7 Pets That Should Be Legal In New York

Mayor De Blasio may lift the ban on ferrets as pets that's been around since 1999. Here are some other pets that should also be allowed.

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1. Ferrets

Flickr / Kyna / Via Flickr: 8308527@N02

As previously mentioned, these furry angels have been illegal in New York since 1999 because of a ban made by Mayor Giuliani. But ferrets are quiet (perfect for the city, compared to a dog), affectionate, and intelligent enough to be litter-trained. And you can keep them on a little leash. So what's the problem?

2. Hedgehogs

Flickr / Tiffany Bailey / Via Flickr: xshamethestrongx

Hedgies are quite possibly the "it" pet of our generation, yet the five boroughs of NYC prohibit them as pets. But they are tiny, domesticated, and nocturnal, making them ideal pets for people who aren't home until the evening (aka half of New York.) So long as you give them a big enough tank, don't have any other pets, and play with them (why wouldn't you??), they are perfect.

3. Pigs

Flickr / bertconcepts / Via Flickr: bertconcepts

Pigs are super smart and can be trained like dogs, on top of, you know, being the absolute cutest. They just need a big open space which, sure, only a very elite handful of New Yorkers can provide, but they should still be able to have the option of getting one of these darling babes for a backyard companion.


4. Ball Pythons

Flickr / angela n. / Via Flickr: xshamethestrongx

Surprisingly, ball pythons don't require much space so long as they have branches and things to climb on (so an unconventional interior design would probably be called for.) They're also nocturnal (perfect for those who work late), live for a long time (up to 50 years!) and are beautifully badass, so c'moooooon, New York!

5. Fennec Foxes

Flickr / Tom Thai / Via Flickr: eviltomthai

Other states in the US allow fennec foxes as pets, and, temperament-wise, they're pretty similar to dogs. They aren't domesticated, however, and would require careful socialization and general care, but there are plenty of responsible homebodies in the city who would love to care for a little fennec cub.

6. Iguanas

Flickr / William Warby / Via Flickr: wwarby

Iguanas may not look like the cuddliest animals, but they actually require a lot of affection and consistency, much like cats and dogs. They're also expensive and need a good amount of space, but those are issues any responsible dog owner will encounter anyway, so if a person wants a stunning green lizard instead, why not let them live their dreams?

7. Sugar Gliders

Flickr / Jason Meredith / Via Flickr: merfam

Sugar gliders make playful and positively adorable pets, and all they ask in return is a good-sized space, a carefully-restricted diet, and other sugar gliders to play with. If someone can give them all that, they should be deemed worthy of such a precious pal.