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41 Perfect Moments You Experience Your First Time In London

There's no place like London.

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1. Purchasing your first oyster card and clutching it with pride.

2. Riding the tube and marveling at how sleek and CLEAN it is.

3. Posing in an iconic red phone booth to appease all your friends and family.

4. And snapping a necessary photo of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.

5. Only to be topped by an ideal aerial view from the London Eye.

6. Strolling down the Thames as the sun sets and illuminates the water.

7. And watching in wonder as the Tower Bridge lights up as the sun descends.

8. Questioning your eyes when you see a fox casually prance through traffic.

9. Feeling overwhelmed from the sheer magnitude of Buckingham Palace.

10. Same goes for Westminster Abbey.

11. Inspecting every ornate inch of Royal Albert Hall.

12. Actually, craning your neck from all the architecture around you (in the best way possible.)

13. Stumbling upon traditionally dressed men on horseback, which puts you in a surreal time warp.

14. Ducking into a stunningly antiquated bookstore for a quieter afternoon.

15. Rushing to the higher level of a double decker bus, every time.

16. Boarding your first train from Kings Cross, just to get a glimpse outside the city.

17. Spotting the Platform 9 3/4 cart by Kings Cross and posing for a photo, diehard fan or not.

18. Admiring the fact that museums are a.) FREE and b.) look like this.

19. And paying a visit to the more modernly designed British Museum, which is equally stunning.

20. On multiple occasions, being reminded of all the incredible figures who lived and worked in the city.

21. Getting lost in the middle of Piccadilly Circus and not minding at all.

22. Feeling positively stuffed and indescribably satisfied from your first full English breakfast.

23. Which only serves to prep you for the beautiful bombardment of food that is afternoon tea.

24. For a change of scenery, brushing past the pastel-hued houses in Notting Hill.

25. Literally smelling the roses at the Columbia Road flower market.

26. Examining every idyllic corner of Covent Garden.

27. Paying £5 to get an authentic Shakespearean experience at the Globe.

28. Going to the London Zoo and being amazed at how close you can get to the penguins.

29. Popping into a darkened, atmospheric pub for an afternoon beer.

30. And taking your first flaky bite of the best fish and chips you've had in your life.

31. Walking by St. Pancras and suddenly feeling so small, but not in a bad way at all.

32. Taking some serious weight off your wallet upon your first visit to Camden Market.

33. Attending a famous club (whether it's your scene or not) because you've heard too many great things to pass.

34. Developing an entirely new standard for Indian food.

35. Purchasing endless treats and gifts at the manmade miracle that is Harrod's.

36. Buying and wearing one of the superbly eerie cardboard masks at the gift shops.

37. Becoming fully in-sync with real Londoners as you join in on an annual outdoor event.

38. And taking a peaceful, destination-less walk, despite having a detailed itinerary.

39. Watching the sunlight bounce off every gorgeous, new sight in your path.

40. Yet also embracing the rain, spectacularly beautiful on its own.

41. And remembering every exhilarating moment in flawless detail, as it rightfully deserves.

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