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    Sep 28, 2015

    24 Reasons To Add Tattoos To Your Wedding

    Don't worry, they're not all permanent.

    1. Ink on a subtle reminder of the day, like the flowers.

    2. Or just something you bonded over on your first date.

    3. Opt for something more abstract than a simple band.

    4. Or get a symbol that only makes sense to you two.

    5. Give your rings a new forever friend.

    6. Truly save the date.

    7. Get a traditional tat that is anything but boring.

    8. Or go minimalist to maximize your wedding experience.

    9. Really play up the whole "til death do us part" thing.

    10. Which works great in wedding ring form as well.

    11. If real ink is too much, you can give yourself fake tats just for the occasion.

    12. As well as provide your squad with matching temporary tats.

    13. Or make customized tattoos for all your guests.

    14. Henna is an obvious and impossibly beautiful option.

    15. As are flash tattoos that give you a splash of gold.

    16. Or you can epically combine the two for a look no one will forget.

    17. Commemorate your wedding way after the actual day, even if decades later.

    18. Or go for a vintage touch in 2015.

    19. Give new meaning to "something new."

    20. Go for something pretty and ornamental to match your outfit.

    21. Be each others' compasses through life.

    22. And take turns being big spoon/little spoon.

    23. Get anything that makes you feel like badasses on your big day.

    24. And make sure you show off every tattoo you've got.

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