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Updated on Aug 17, 2020. Posted on Dec 30, 2013

The 23 Most Thoughtfully Romantic Gestures Of 2013

Sometimes you just have to know the person.

1. When this lovely person waited for their boyfriend to go out of town so they could create a special room just for him.

Costner_Facts /
Costner_Facts /
Costner_Facts /

2. When this boyfriend got his girlfriend a pile of oysters to shuck...which held 54 pearls.

Via SarahKathrine /
Via SarahKathrine /
Via SarahKathrine /

3. When this master of carpentry proposed in a very special way...

Via curtisabrina /
Via curtisabrina /
Via curtisabrina /
Via curtisabrina /

YOU TURN THE KEY AND A RING APPEARS. What is this sorcery??

Via curtisabrina /

4. When this loving partner crafted their girlfriend this table for her new apartment in Thailand:

barthalimule /
barthalimule /

Ron Swanson-level romantic.

5. When this enchanted girlfriend cooked her significant other a MONTH'S worth of food to have while she was gone.

Via InventorWhenIgrowUp /

Honestly, this might be the best one. ALL THAT TIKKA MASALA.

6. Or when this kind girlfriend surprise-stocked her boyfriend's cabinets with food when he was running low on cash.

Via StewHo /

Including a fridge full of beer. THE BEST.

7. When this clever romantic photoshopped a Pictionary card to pop the question.

justmli /
justmli /
justmli /

He got his girlfriend to draw a proposal while he had to "guess" what she was drawing, setting him up to say "will you marry me?" and catch her completely off guard. Hehe.

8. When this traveler proved her heart was still with her boyfriend when she slipped this into his pocket at the airport:

Via Bob_Loblaw_Law_Bomb /

9. When this now-fiancé proposed via a scavenger hunt he took nine months to plan:

Via BaconBoy123 /

10. When this regular Dr. Seuss wrote, illustrated, and planted a book about his relationship for his girlfriend to find.

Via ppaul9 /

11. When this champion boyfriend got Jennifer Lawrence to send a signed birthday card to his girlfriend:

Via cehteshami /

12. When this A+ girlfriend ordered her boyfriend this custom-made pizza:

Via maxelmar /

Respect the pizza.

13. When this boyfriend simply decided to stand by his girlfriend as she fights cancer:

Via maverick7637 /

14. When this insanely talented painter made this portrait of their neuroscientist boyfriend as a Christmas gift:

Via Stenrik /

15. And when this artistic boyfriend got his girlfriend a present despite financial struggles, even if it meant painting it himself:

Via thirteenseventeen /

16. When this delightful human knitted this Cosby sweater for one very lucky boyfriend:

Via Flinnt /

17. When this crafty boyfriend had his girlfriend unknowingly carry around her engagement ring in their camera.

Via twosixtyone /

18. When a devoted boyfriend built this mailbox for his Snoopy-loving girlfriend:

Via Valentine15 /

19. When this clever cake was baked for one software-engineering boyfriend:

Via Orange_Penguin /

20. When this truly gifted girlfriend transformed her boyfriend's band into the Planet of the Apes:

emilyvantassel /
emilyvantassel /

21. When this cartoon lover drew himself and his girlfriend in various popular styles:

charles1er /
charles1er /
charles1er /

22. Or when this boyfriend got a little help and asked the big question using 18 drawings he commissioned from all different artists:

SirTechnocracy /
SirTechnocracy /
SirTechnocracy /

(From left to right): Art by Sumi, Amy Liu, and Denoro.

23. And when one girlfriend was given exactly what she (jokingly) asked for:

Via Extraltodeus /

(A unicorn with a rhinestone on its forehead that farts Skittles.)

(All photos from Reddit Pics.)

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