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    The 35 Most Russian Things To Ever Happen

    So many bizarre weddings.

    1. This elaborate bear-themed wedding.

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    2. And this wedding dance.

    3. When this guy saw a mysterious bright orb from the sky as a total nuisance.

    4. This ultimate game of humiliation.

    5. This ice cream brand.

    6. Yup, pretty much all of this.

    7. And this.

    8. Putin at a shooting range.

    9. And showing off his other "guns."

    10. Putin doing anything, really.

    11. This Russian bear who strived for excellence and learned to play the trumpet.

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    12. And this stern Russian farmer who commands ducks as if they were dogs.

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    13. This meme.

    14. And this one.

    15. When Red shared these wise words.

    16. This fun fact.

    17. And this solid advertisement.

    18. This casual gathering.

    19. Literally all these car accidents.

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    20. This ammo carefully hidden in this M&M's bag.

    21. When this "rap video" stunt occurred.

    22. This logical mail delivery.

    23. And this casual drive around the neighborhood.

    24. This Google Street View screencap.

    25. This dating site photo.

    26. And this one.

    27. Literally anything and everything that ever happened on Russian Dolls.

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    28. This wedding fail to trump them all.

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    29. Whatever is happening here.

    30. When this attempt at having a cool car was made.

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    31. And this perfect addition to an automobile.

    32. This determination to drive with the top down.

    33. This future Baryshnikov.

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    34. This apt summary.

    35. And when babushkas proved they jam out better than anyone in the world.

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    People of Russia, you do you.