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The 35 Most Remarkable Stop Motion Vines Of 2013

Pure magic.

Stop motion vines did a lot in 2013:

1. They soared unlike ever before.

2. They worked hard for what they wanted.

3. They played in traffic.

4. They re-imagined themselves.

5. They circled the world.

6. They lifted off the page.

7. They got a little spotty.

8. They sent their love.

9. They searched for adventure (in a non-cheesy way.)

10. They drove through their dreams.

11. They occasionally unraveled.

12. They were sometimes two-faced.

13. They explored every turn.

14. They felt the music in their bones.

15. They conserved energy.

16. They came together for a dance.

17. They embraced color.

18. They dabbled in something new.

19. They used their head.

20. They never got fired.

21. They took trips, both long and short.

22. They rode some killer waves, man.

23. They hid some treasures.

24. They got carried away with their doodles.

25. They thought of only pretty things.

26. They got really invested in their work.

27. They paid their tribute.

28. They followed a trail.

29. They got lost in a book.

30. They got caught up in a game of catch.

31. They got a little feisty.

32. They sometimes felt their whole world shattered.

33. They looked at the bigger picture.

34. And they tuned into to the smaller details.

35. Most importantly: they said thank you.