38 Mind-Blowing ‘Breaking Bad’ Mashups

You’ll never look at Ned Flanders the same way again.

1. The Simpsons

Ned Flanders looks exactly like Walter White in animated form. Also, they both have that overly-friendly vibe that’s clearly masking something sinister. Art by AKABoom.

Fox / Via gifrific.com


2. Arrested Development

We all know Michael Bluth is a few chicken dances away from starting a drug empire.

3. Mad Men

In case you can’t decide which AMC drama anti-hero is your favorite. Art by DLIllustration.


And another one. Art by Olipop.

5. Walt Disney

No Walt is safe from Heisenberg comparisons. Art by Faster117.

6. Borat

“This meth is NOT BLUE!” Art by Kramerica.

7. Game of Thrones


8. The Muppet Show

Beaker was destined for this crossover. Art by zomboy.

9. Nirvana

You won’t be saying nevermind to this shirt! Art by DiJay.

10. Regular Show

Two modern odd couples are reunited and it’s glorious. Art by Barton Keyes.

11. Super Mario Bros.

“You wanna cook mushrooms?” Art by moysche.

12. Workaholics

All the main characters of Workaholics would be honored by this portrayal. Art by Eddie Mauldin.

13. Calvin and Hobbes

Noooo, Calvin :( Art by Baznet.

14. Dexter’s Laboratory

Determined to be hailed as a scientific genius? Check. Frustrated with the incompetence of others? Check. Wearer of glasses? CHECK CHECK CHECK. Art by Stephanie Hodges.

15. Fight Club

You definitely DON’T talk about White Club. Art by rydrew.

16. Wallace and Gromit

They’re after a different kind of cheddar. Art by ToruandMidori.

17. A Clockwork Orange

Chills. Art by rubynibur.

18. Adventure Time

Just pretend The Ice King’s palace is meth and this suddenly makes a lot of sense. Art by Baznet.

SO much blue crystal.

19. Monopoly

The stakes in this game just got a lot higher. Art by Baznet.

20. The Last of Us

But actually, how cool would a Breaking Bad video game be? Art by moysche.

21. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Walt’s cook will take you far beyond Bat Country. Art by Baznet.

22. Scott Pilgrim

Accurate. Art by Baznet.

23. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Well, no one would ever suspect him… Art by Alex Boatman.

24. Reservoir Dogs

Another huge Breaking Bad influence. Art by zodiex.


26. Keep On Truckin’

$wag. Art by Blueswade.

27. Futurama

He could share in Walt’s feeling of being underappreciated, for sure. Art by Mark Rodriguez.

28. Pokémon

Ash Ketchum’s desire to catch them all has gone too far. Art by SamuriFerret.

29. Chef Boyardee

YES. Art by rydrew.

30. Chik-Fil-A

Chik-Fil-A probably won’t appreciate this daring tribute. Art by Gingerbredmanny.

31. My Little Pony

This crossover is better than you could’ve dreaaamed. Art by Verulence.

32. Back to the Future

“Great Scott!”, indeed! Art by JMKohrs.

33. Star Trek

Definitely fitting. Art by Phryan.

34. Bob’s Burgers

Weirdly, none of this seems too out of the ordinary for Bob Belcher. Art by Devin Roth (a character designer on the show!)

35. Game of Thrones

It had to be done. Art by Gigabeto.

36. Archer

Shirt Punch / Via hideyourarms.com

Also had to be done.

37. Indiana Jones

Gus in the background makes this shirt. Art by ninjaink.

38. WALL-E

Aaron Bowersock / facebook.com / Via imgur.com

Walt just got a lot easier to sympathize with. Art by Aaron Bowersock.

The Breaking Bad cast would approve.

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