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35 Low-Key Ways To Add Color To Your Hair

You can add some funky colors without going HAM on your hair.

1. Have your blonde fade perfectly to a rosy pink.

2. Or you can go for the gold. Rose gold, that is.

3. Mix dark brown and navy together for a beautifully stormy combination.

4. Or you can opt for a delicate white-lavender dip dye.

5. You can add a spot of fuchsia.

6. Or only dye one chunk à la Cruella de Vil.

7. You can go for a rich burgundy ombré.

8. Or more of a blonder progression.

9. You can embrace the more gradient look.

10. There's also reverse-ombré if you're feeling darker tips.

11. You can pick and choose a few scattered strands to dye.

12. Or layer a dip dye with another dip dye.

13. You can add dark green undertones to your brunette locks.

14. Or make your hair a perfect transition from black to blue.

15. A lavender-blonde dip dye is ideal for summer.

16. As is a dirty blonde-blue-grey combo.

17. You can go a little more subtle with dark blue ends.

18. Or add a touch of deep purple to give your hair some flair.

19. Red can give your bouncy curls more prominence.

20. Same goes with pink.

21. If you want to go light, you can try lavender.

22. Or pastel pink.

23. Or this array of sunset colors.

24. This dip dye would blend really well with fall foliage.

25. And you could try a purple-blue 'do for the winter.

26. You can add a little mermaid green to your tips in the summer.

27. Or go sunflower yellow for the spring.

28. And these shades of orange are perfect in any season.

29. Light pink pigtails could be a cute fit for you.

30. Or maybe a patch of color is more your style.

31. You can do an ombré with sea-green for a small pop of color.

32. Or get a little more bold with grass-green tips.

33. A side-sweep purple-pink dye could be really fun.

34. Or you could go for whatever matches your makeup.

35. And if you're shy about a full rainbow head, you can always just add a few multicolor streaks to just the tips.