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    19 Bejeweled Skeletons That'll Blow Your Mind

    Oh, you didn't know the skeletons of martyrs were unabashedly decked out in gems? WELCOME TO THE CLUB.

    The following excerpts are from Dr. Paul Koudounaris, who recently published a book, Heavenly Bodies, in which he explains the history behind each of the decorated martyrs.

    1. St. Maximus (Bürglen, Switzerland)

    2. St. Konstantious (Rorschach, Switzerland)

    3. Head relic of St. Deodatus (Roggenburg, Germany)

    4. St. Vincentus (Stams, Austria)

    5. St. Pancratius (Wil, Switzlerand)

    6. Konrad II (Mondsee, Austria)

    7. St. Felix (Gars am Inn, Germany)

    8. St. Luciana (Heiligkreuztal, Germany)

    9. St. Leontius (Muri, Switzerland)

    10. St. Canditus (Irsee, Germany)

    11. St. Faustine (Porrentruy, Switzerland)

    12. St. Valerius (Weyarn, Germany)

    13. St. Albertus (Burgrain, Germany)

    14. St. Deodatus (Rheinau, Swizterland)

    15. St. Friedrich (Melk, Austria)

    16. Hand of St. Valentin (Bad Schussenried, Germany)

    17. St. Benedictus (Berg am Laim, Munich, Germany)

    18. St. Munditia (Munich, Germany)

    19. St. Valentinus (Waldsassen, Germany)

    A gallery of the photos is currently on display at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery in LA through December 1.

    And for even more photos, check out Koudounaris' website, Empire de la Mort!