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    Posted on Nov 14, 2013

    15 Intense Fears Every Intern Has

    "Will I die here?"

    1. "Am I allowed to chime in at this meeting?"

    AMC/Mad Men / Via

    What if you say something stupid? What if they all remember that you're just some kid?

    2. "Can I ask for something to do?"

    HBO/Veep / Via

    You have no assignments, but are you annoying your supervisor to the point of no return?

    3. "How will I find my way back to the office after this errand?"

    20th Century Fox/The Devil Wears Prada / Via


    4. "What should I talk about with my coworkers?"

    NBC/The Office

    NBC/The Office

    Everyone is 8+ years older, what do you even talk about? Tax return forms? Kids?

    5. "Does my boss secretly hate me?"

    AMC/Mad Men

    AMC/Mad Men

    You're always trying to decipher the delicate subtext in their speech.

    6. "Will they fire and blacklist me if I fail this task?"

    NBC/Parks and Recreation

    NBC/Parks and Recreation

    Everything depends on you.

    7. "When can I take lunch? For how long? Can I go outside?"

    Comedy Central/Workaholics / Via

    Can...can you eat?

    8. "Should I try and mingle at company events?"

    20th Century Fox/The Devil Wears Prada / Via

    Are you even allowed to be here? DOES ANYONE CARE?

    9. "Is my whole career just going to be me doing busy work?"

    20th Century Fox/Office Space / Via

    Your BA in English = licking envelopes and filling out spreadsheets forever, sorry.

    10. "Can I check my phone/Facebook for a second???"

    Columbia Pictures/The Social Network / Via

    If you feel lucky. Do ya???

    11. "Am I allowed to say 'no' when asked if I 'want' to do something?"

    20th Century Fox/Office Space / Via

    "Do you want to reorganize our entire directory?" "Well..."

    12. "Should I stay late? Am I allowed to leave?"

    Fox Searchlight Pictures/500 Days of Summer / Via

    No one said you could leave.

    13. "Can I participate in Secret Santa?"

    NBC/The Office

    NBC/The Office

    When they say everyone should participate, does that include lowly interns?

    14. "Do they have a favorite intern?"

    20th Century Fox/The Heat / Via

    Your supervisor smiled at the other intern and not you. This means war?

    15. "Will I get a job?"

    Objective Productions/Peep Show / Via

    Is the anxiety all worth it?

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