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    26 Important Dating Takeaways From "Master Of None"

    "You send her a picture of a turtle climbing out of a briefcase."

    1. Flaky people will flake. Don't waste your time on them.

    2. Especially if they end texts with "xoxo".

    3. It takes time to really get to know someone.

    4. Though sometimes, your differences are obvious right away.

    5. It's ok to get creative with how you ask people out.

    6. So don't be afraid to inject your personality into your texts.

    7. Read between the lines when it comes to first dates.

    8. Sharing a love of food never hurt a relationship.

    9. If you're single, don't hate on other couples!

    10. And don't be a creep. Part of that comes from talking to other people about their experiences.

    11. Seriously. This is no way to approach another human.

    12. Destination first dates are risky, but can also be really worth it.

    13. Date someone who is likely to become your best friend - someone you can feel 100% yourself with.

    14. Goof around together as much as possible.

    15. And living together doesn't have to mean a routine.

    16. Though there is nothing wrong with Netflix and chilling together on the reg, tbh.

    17. When it comes to sex, you should be giving it your all.

    18. Just, you know, don't make silly faces.

    19. It's normal (and healthy!) to have doubts from time to time.

    20. Especially because of societal pressures to have a "perfect relationship."

    21. Being in a relationship sometimes means making really tough choices and considering questions you wouldn't have otherwise.

    22. And this can especially be relevant if you're in your late twenties-early thirties.

    23. But definitely DON'T write down the chances you think you'll end up together forever. OMG.

    24. This is generally an important mantra to live by, whether in a relationship or not:

    25. And this is absolutely the best way to end an argument.

    26. And when all else fails: