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    29 Important Lessons Jane Austen Taught You About Love

    "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more."

    1. Love yourself and enjoy being on your own instead of desperately trying to find someone.

    2. The people right for you will love you most when you're just doing your thing.

    3. A solid friendship is the core of any great relationship.

    Sense and Sensibility, 1995.

    4. When you're around someone you trust, your shyness starts to go away.

    5. And you feel like you can be really be yourself with them.

    6. When you realize you like someone, eye contact can be hard to keep up because you're so nervous.

    Persuasion, 2007.

    7. And when you do catch each other's eyes, it'll make you internally panic.

    8. You'll find any excuse to make even the slightest physical contact.

    Northanger Abbey, 2007.

    9. And sometimes something as simple as holding hands can be so exhilarating.

    Mansfield Park, 1999.

    10. You'll laugh at the same tiny things that no one else around you notices.

    11. And you'll spend most of your time making each other smile.

    Northanger Abbey, 2007.

    12. You may get a bit jealous when you see your crush get attention from someone else.

    Emma, 2009.

    13. And if it doesn't work out romantically, you should still want them to be happy.

    Sense and Sensibility, 1995.

    14. Liking someone great will making you literally feel like you're under their spell.

    15. And you can never truly know just how much you can mean to someone.

    16. When you're in love, you won't be able to stop smiling and you'll feel like a goof.

    17. And you'll want to skip everywhere you go.

    18. Real love for another person involves accepting that they may undergo their own changes.

    19. And it involves trusting another person to be good to your heart.

    20. Try your best to know exactly what you want.

    21. And don't settle for someone who bores you to no end.

    22. If you are on the fence about someone, sometimes it's good to really ask yourself why.

    23. Despite your feelings, always stay practical.

    Sense and Sensibility, 1995.

    24. And use your best judgment, regardless of how cloudy it can get.

    Sense and Sensibility, 1995.

    25. But also be open and prepared to change your mind about someone.

    26. Seriously, people can surprise you! Give them the space to do so.

    27. Most importantly:

    28. And don't be afraid of your feelings for another person.

    29. Because the right one will feel exactly the same way.

    Emma, 2009.