If Sloths Had Human Manicures

Long story short: it’d be weird and good thing they don’t.

Flickr / Matt MacGillivray / Via Flickr: qmnonic
Flickr / Karoly Lorentey / Via Flickr: lorentey
Flickr / Carol Schafer / Via Flickr: praziquantel
Flickr / SergioDelgado / Via Flickr: sdelgado
Flickr / Neil / Via Flickr: neilhooting
Flickr / Spencer Wright / Via Flickr: spencer77
Flickr / Michael Culbertson / Via Flickr: michaelculbertson
Flickr / Wes Reimer / Via Flickr: mrfussyfont
Flickr / barockschloss / Via Flickr: barockschloss

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