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16 Times Ralph Wiggum Perfectly Embodied The Dating Struggle

" like...stuff?"

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1. When it's just you and your work crush in the elevator:

2. When your ex drunk texts you saying they miss you:

3. When you run out of things to talk about on a first date:

4. When someone messages you a recycled pickup line on Tinder:

5. When your date asks you about your career ambitions:

6. When your date tells you they hate reading:

7. When you're dating several people and can't decide who you're really into:

8. When you're a smooth fox the whole night until the VERY end:

9. When someone cute slides into your DMs:

FOX / Via

10. When you've been single for literal years:

FOX / Via

11. When you're trying your best to be cool on a first date:

FOX / Via

12. When your longtime crush thinks Beyoncé is just "alright or whatever."

13. When you bring your boo to your place for the first time:

14. When you KNOW you just nailed that sexual encounter:

FOX / Via

15. When you see your ex in public after a few years:

16. And when you're totally content with rolling solo:

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