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    How To Get Through Tough Times, As Told By Botched Jack O' Lanterns

    You are not alone.

    Don't analyze your flaws so much.

    Be grounded.

    Be true to who you are.

    Smile, even when it's hard.

    Speak no evil.

    Be lighthearted.

    Stay in touch with your feminine side.

    Only have friends who have your back.

    Look at things from a different angle once in a while.

    Occupy yourself with hobbies you enjoy (such as cooking):

    Don't be afraid to take a stab at happiness.

    Show no doubts when expressing your personality.

    Keep both eyes open, really look at the big picture.

    Spend more time outdoors.

    There's nothing to fear but fear itself.

    And remember: cheer up!

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