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How To Dress Like Beyoncé From Every New Video


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Since the main setting of this video is in a pageant, it's no surprise that the looks are very glitter-heavy. Bey's star-print look is also a lot of fun, and if you're especially ambitious, you can don a pair of sparkly bunny ears, which (apparently) are becoming popular.


This minimalist look is all about black (with scandalous mesh panels), tiny triangle studs, and fringes. Oh, and opt for a loose-fitting white top if you really want to emulate the creepy white sheet look.

One of the best looks from the album (B's crimped pixie is perfection!). She injects her androgynous, Janelle Monae-inspired look with lacey kimonos and suspender tights that ooze '20s sex appeal.


The styles in this video reflect exactly who Bey and Jay are as a couple -- and as their own person (with B's penchant for black mesh and Z's t-shirt/chains/Nets cap combo.) But they also fit perfectly together, making for one hell of a pairing.

The most colorful video on the playlist and certainly the most fun, with floral bustiers, cutout bodysuits and a casual pink cardigan to soften the look. Rollerskates are optional (but those amazing sunglasses are not.)


The Queen is part unattainably-regal, part girl-next-door in this retro-style video. Cop her look with a similarly-lengthy (faux) fur coat and a white bodysuit, chunky nameplate necklace and classic white shoes.

Yoncé is so hot, it's crazy. Between the red bandage bodysuit, fringe top and animal-themed outerwear, everything about this is insanely hot.


"Partition" is probably the most sexual of them all -- with embroidered fishnets, peekaboo lace bustiers and playful hats dominating the wardrobe. Me-ow.

"Jealous" may be the flip-side to "Partition" but it isn't skimping on the sex, merely transforming it. The victorian black lace collars and splashes of burgundy add gorgeous romantic elements to all of Bey's pieces.


Of all the videos, this one is probably the most like what the average person wears on an especially sexy night -- a monochrome lace lingerie mixed with oversized t-shirts/button downs (most likely belonging to the man with whom you are having sexy times with.)

Okay, so this video isn't as much about showcasing Bey's insane collection of bustiers and statement coats, but daaaamn, that silk! Even the creepy "mine" and "yours" shirts have an oddly sensual tone.


She only wears one outfit in this whole video but it wins the award for most charming. Love that low key-B involves a casual tank and jean situation mixed with stiletto booties and a gold snake bracelet.

Another one-outfit (1.5 because she wears slightly different plaid shirts) video but this outfit is everything. And probably the most realistically hip of all.


Is there anything about this video that isn't FIERCE? The underboob crop top is likely just a tad too much for us mortals, but a leather crop tank and a dab of hair chalk or Manic Panic (don't worry, it lasts less than two weeks) will make you feel as strong as Yoncé.

This solemn and absolutely stunning song features a very Audrey Hepburn-esque ensemble, complete with floppy hat, simple pumps and a black lace dress everyone is coveting like crazy.

Leave it to Beyoncé to end her grand finale on her daughter. This naturally-shot video features a breezy white lace cover up and effortless white bikini.