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10 Ways To Reconnect With Your S.O. If Things Have Been Feeling Off Lately

Start with these.

Sheltering in place with a partner can be hard even if you're super in love.

1. Have no-TV nights where you just catch up.

2. Ask each other some ~deep~ questions.

3. Take some long walks.

4. Work out together.

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Buddy systems work well as motivational tools to keep you committed to your routine. But also: science says that the couples who break a sweat together, stay together, due to everything from endorphin release to bonding over a shared goal. Health benefits plus a stronger relationship — is there a downside here?

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5. Tag-team in the kitchen.

6. Tackle a home decor project.

7. Do a puzzle or craft together.

8. Read together.

9. Celebrate the teeniest of milestones.

10. Spend time apart.

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