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10 Ways To Reconnect With Your S.O. If Things Have Been Feeling Off Lately

Start with these.

Sheltering in place with a partner can be hard even if you're super in love.


You're around each other all the time, mostly limited to being indoors, and are probably having to cook a LOT more. It's easy to get on each other's nerves β€” but it also doesn't have to be difficult to reset and reconnect. Here's are several small (but effective!) ways to do that.

1. Have no-TV nights where you just catch up.

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Binging a great show together is a top-tier couple activity, but when you're already staying in so much, it can be easy to make it your go-to activity together. And even though you're maybe both offering up commentary and cuddling throughout, it can be difficult to fully connect.

Enter: No-TV nights, where you put on some music and eat dinner in a designated spot (that's not, as Esther Perel says, pushing your work stuff slightly out of the way.) It'll give you the chance to break any monotony in your routine and focus a little more on each other.

2. Ask each other some ~deep~ questions.

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When you're around each other 24/7, it can quickly feel like you know e-ve-ry-thing about the other person. That's where question prompts come in. You can try the classic 36 Love Questions, a book like Eight Dates if you're specifically trying to grow your relationship, or a card set like the above one from The School of Life if you could do this forever.

3. Take some long walks.

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As long as you practice precautions (like socially-distancing and wearing masks), outdoor walks have incredible mental and physical health benefits. It's a great way to spend one-on-one time and also learn some cute new things about your partner, like how they naturally slow down their pace to keep up with you.

4. Work out together.

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Buddy systems work well as motivational tools to keep you committed to your routine. But also: science says that the couples who break a sweat together, stay together, due to everything from endorphin release to bonding over a shared goal. Health benefits plus a stronger relationship β€” is there a downside here?

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5. Tag-team in the kitchen.


According to a HelloFresh survey, 1 in 5 Americans find the ability to cook to be their biggest turn on. Picking something involved β€” like one of these fancyish date-night dinners β€” to make together can also give you both the opp to show off your skills and turn ~each other~ on.

6. Tackle a home decor project.

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Studies show that tidier homes improve the odds of a happier relationship, and when you're in the same space day after day, a good re-org could be just what you need to both feel better (and have something to collaborate on together). It can be anything from cleaning out our closets to adding some wallpaper to propagating your plants, and it can make all the difference.

7. Do a puzzle or craft together.


Puzzles are hot now, and for good reason β€” they give you something screen-less to do with your hands while you catch up. Plus, many puzzles now double as home decor, so, really, you can combine this step and the one above to get some sweet wall art when you're done.

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8. Read together.

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While reading has gotten harder for a lot of people during the pandemic, one potential way to get past it is to carve out time to read together. That way, you're still technically spending time together, but can also have a lot more to talk about when you discuss the amazing book you just finished. Plus, psychologists say reading together bodes well for your relationship.

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9. Celebrate the teeniest of milestones.


Quarantine life can feel like everything you normally look forward to β€” trips, raises at work, hangouts with friends β€” are all at a standstill. But finding ways to treat each other can lift your spirits and make you a happier couple overall. It can be anything from baking your partner surprise cookies for your half-anniversary to hugging them when they get a job lead.

10. Spend time apart.


Ironically, being more autonomous (especially at a time when you're with each other pretty much nonstop) can make the heart grow fonder. Taking separate walks, talking to your own friends and doing your own things for a day can make you feel more rejuvenated, give you more to talk about, and the space you need to actually miss each other.

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