How NYU Are You?

How violet is your soul?

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    Via Facebook: NYU
    You got into debates about whether Hayden, Brittany, or Third North was the coolest frosh dorm.
    (It was definitely Hayden.)
    But Brittany had that whole “haunted” thing going for it.
    Not that it mattered, because come sophomore year, you knew that Gramercy was the best dorm ever.
    You took the NYU trolley at every opportunity.
    Or you took the subway to class.
    Half your friends had apartments in Williamsburg/Bushwick.
    And the other half had fancy East Village ones.
    You complained about Albert at least once a week.
    (Albert made you cry.)
    (Multiple times.)
    You can’t hear the word “bursar” without triggering some pretty dark memories.
    You spotted at least one celebrity at their kid’s move-in day.
    You spotted at least one celebrity at their kid’s graduation.
    You spotted celebrities so often that it almost stopped shocking you.
    And you will never get over the fact that you went to the same school as Lady Gaga, Alec Baldwin, Martin Scorsese, and Aziz Ansari.
    You were excited to meet people as into artsy movies and music as you.
    But you also felt really lame compared to the people who know way more about movies and music than you.
    You were like “so obsessed” with Space Market as a freshman.
    (And as a senior, kind of.)
    And you waited in line at the Washington Square Park Starbucks, despite your better judgement.
    You would wait forever for Kimmel pasta.
    Or the pizza!
    You were kind of grossed out by Downstein but went anyway for the waffle iron.
    Upstein was your prime hangover destination.
    And you felt a strong guilt about Chik-Fil-A.
    (You may have even gotten it when no one else was around, shhh.)
    Insomnia Cookies and Crumbs gave you the most intense sugar highs of your life.
    And Oren’s was YOUR coffee place (even though it was everyone’s.)
    You’re still impressed by Welcome Week, Strawberry Festival, and the Mystery Concert.
    You took at least one photo from the top of Kimmel.
    And one of the stage at Skirball.
    You’ve bragged about the fact that dorm applications let you specify gender identity.
    You still remember the Tisch musical theatre intro performance for incoming freshmen.
    And you remember how excited you were to sit in RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL like two days after moving in.
    You still resent the fact that there was no getting out of Writing the Essay.
    And you remember when you had to “make space” in the Silver elevators.
    You were yelled at and saved from traffic by The Timekeeper.
    (And that statement just made you really sad.)
    You have gotten ridiculously drunk (multiple times) at Brad’s, Asian Pub, Josie Woods, or Cafetasia.
    But before you were legal, you relied on secret corner bodegas and liquor stores that didn’t card.
    Your drunk feasting took place at Pizza Mercato, Cozy Soup N’ Burger, or the McDonald’s on Broadway.
    And you’re still upset about Dojo’s demise :(.
    You have strong opinions about the Bobst redesign.
    You have strong opinions about Bobst in general.
    You complained many times about not having a real campus.
    But you also fully enjoyed the freedom of being in the heart of New York City.
    You adopted Washington Square Park as your unofficial campus lawn.
    And you shared it with partially naked street performers, weed dealers, and jazz musicians.
    You got really excited around that time of year when the fountain would turn on.
    And you were really resentful about how long it took to renovate the park.
    You fell asleep in the couches at Kimmel at least once.
    And you’ve seriously considered sleeping over Bobst before.
    That is, if you could find a seat.
    And you considered it an extra huge accomplishment if you got one facing the park.
    You either went to Violet Ball or seriously regret not going.
    Same with the UltraViolet live talent shows.
    You were proud to go to a school with virtually no Greek life.
    But you also probably joined ballroom dancing, jazz choir, and and an assortment of random clubs just to try to find a crew of friends.
    You went to at least one Tisch showcase (but probably like 100).
    And you have a love/hate relationship with Stern’s stern button-down-and-tie dress code.
    You’ve poked fun at Steinhardt for having the most random assortment of majors ever.
    And if you weren’t already in Gallatin, you considered it at some point so you could build your own major.
    Regardless of your own sexual orientation, you've fallen in love with at least one perfect, beautiful gay man.
    You made relentless fun of the dinosaur/flower picture.
    (Or, if you weren’t around for the dinosaur/flower image, you are still not at all surprised.)
    You complained about the lack of sports teams.
    (Even if you don’t even play or care about sports.)
    And you don’t know which team name is dorkier: the “Violets” or the Bobst catalog-inspired “BobCats.”
    You've attended at least one protest or rally.
    And you were genuinely surprised every time you met a Republican NYU student.
    Almost all your books for class were bought from Strand or had the “used” stickers on them.
    And you always resolved to sell your books back but never did because of the lines.
    You thought having separate graduations at Yankee Stadium AND Radio City Music Hall was a bit gratuitous.
    But you secretly loved every moment of each.

How NYU Are You?

You're not into NYU at all. Maybe it's the tuition rates, or the lack of campus, or the fact that it's taken up a good chunk of Greenwich Village, but the place is not for you. That's OK. To each his own. You do you!

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You like NYU fine, but you also have your own life and aren't super into the school spirit. If you wanted crazy school spirit, you wouldn't have gone here, and you prefer to define all your life experiences as uniquely as possible. Nothing wrong with that!

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You're pretty NYU! You know where all the major places to hang out are and you understand the Bobst struggle like no one else. You're a pretty fluid person who can relate to other people easily but also likes to wander off and try the unexpected.

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Woah, so NYU! You love Cafetasia, you love Washington Square Park, and, most of all, you love your alma mater! You still can't believe you get to study in the city and you'll cherish the experience forever!

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