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    Posted on Oct 8, 2015

    What's The Best Way To Flirt On Social Media?

    "If you DM someone, you know there's a little bit of something there."

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    When it comes to social media flirting, there's of course the subtle "liking/faving" tactic.

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    Especially if it happens pretty frequently.

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    And of course, digging into the past gets you extra points.

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    Sometimes, a more direct message is the answer.

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    And the more thought-out, the better.

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    But if you have a more creative approach, you should always go for it.

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    Because someone worth dating will like the true you.

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

    So why not go for it? What do you have to lose?

    Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed
    1. How do you usually flirt on social media?

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    How do you usually flirt on social media?
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      I favorite and like a bunch of their stuff.
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      I leave little comments here and there.
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      I just message them and strike up a conversation.

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