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17 Online Tutorials You Won't Believe Exist

How to be a popular alien who packs weird. All of these are actual entries from WikiHow. Seriously.

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2. How To Act Like A Baby Again

Columbia Pictures / Via

Best Takeaway: "Purchase a pacifier at the dollar store, or pharmacy. This one might freak people out, so it is best if you use it while alone. Also, invest in a baby bottle, or Sippie cup with a cute character on it, that might also freak people out. Use when alone."


10. How To Be "That Girl"

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Best Takeaway: "For example, say you're wearing a yellow floaty shirt, a pink tiered skirt over blue embroidered jeans, and gray sneakers; a yellow cardigan, pearl earrings and a necklace, and a white, yellow, blue, and pink patterned bag would look great and pull together the teen-casual bohemian-classy look."