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    17 Online Tutorials You Won't Believe Exist

    How to be a popular alien who packs weird. All of these are actual entries from WikiHow. Seriously.

    1. How To Look Like A Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Loving Girl


    Best Takeaway: "Wear some orange studs or golden hoop earrings. Anything orange-yellow is good."

    2. How To Act Like A Baby Again

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    Best Takeaway: "Purchase a pacifier at the dollar store, or pharmacy. This one might freak people out, so it is best if you use it while alone. Also, invest in a baby bottle, or Sippie cup with a cute character on it, that might also freak people out. Use when alone."

    3. How To Get Man French Korean Method

    Wiseau Films / Via

    Best Takeaway: ""Oh, hey. *(flip your hair to assert dominance)*"

    4. How To Hang Out With Popular People

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    Best takeaway: "Keep the conversation going. Make sure it's not about study or boring, geeky subjects."

    5. How To Be Cutely Insane

    One Little Indian / Via

    Best Takeaway: "Wear brightly coloured clothes. If you want to be cute and insane,NEVER go for disgusting pastel colours!"

    6. How To Be A Pretty Nice Popular Girl In Middle School

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Best Takeaway: "No ponytails!"

    7. How To Look Like A Water Girl

    Disney / Via

    Best Takeaway: "Get a blue lipgloss and apply it over the lipstick."

    8. How To Eat Very Quickly

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Best Takeaway: Say to yourself, "I can do this! I can eat you very quickly!"

    9. How To Become Dark (Persona)

    Fox Searchlight Pictures /

    Best Takeaway: "Be evil. You can always skip this step."

    10. How To Be "That Girl"

    The WB / Via

    Best Takeaway: "For example, say you're wearing a yellow floaty shirt, a pink tiered skirt over blue embroidered jeans, and gray sneakers; a yellow cardigan, pearl earrings and a necklace, and a white, yellow, blue, and pink patterned bag would look great and pull together the teen-casual bohemian-classy look."

    11. How To Be Like A Seductive Vampire Lady

    The CW / Via

    Best Takeaway: "If someone cuts himself, discretely sniff or lick your lips."

    12. How To Make People Think You're An Alien

    BBC / Via

    Best Takeaway: "If in history class the teacher asks what the Cold War was about, explain every single detail."

    13. How To Pack Like A Weird Kid

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via

    Best Takeaway: "Bring magazines from three years ago and laugh along with everyone about how funny everything looks."

    14. How To Obsess Over Something

    Nickelodeon /

    Best Takeaway: "Imagine yourself with the subject of your obsession. Fantasize perfect scenes with it, and plan what you'll do with it as soon as you can return to it."

    15. How To Scratch Your Boyfriend's Beard

    Sheep Films / Via

    Best Takeaway: "Repeat motion until scratchee begins to coo lovingly and drool."

    16. How To Love A Married Man

    Best Takeaway: "You will want to please him as you will feel you are in constant competition with his wife. Slow down! This is not a race."

    17. How To Be Friends With Your Furby

    Tiger Electronics / Via

    Best Takeaway: "Feed it breakfast with your finger."