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    Here's What People Want To See More Of In The Fashion Industry

    BuzzFeed asked participants at ModCloth's #fashiontruth casting call and this is what they said.

    1. Susan: "Lots of shapes and sizes...and confidence!!"

    2. Hannah: "Affordability and versatility."

    3. Jackie: "Diverse heights :)"

    4. Ingrid: "Booty-enhancing high-waisted pants!"

    5. Shalandrea: "Women of COLOR!"

    6. Danni: "More wacky hats :)"

    7. Mikaela: "Models in advertisements (more variety!)"

    8. Cristal: "Petite models :)"

    9. Dominique: "African patterns."

    10. Caitlin: "Funky prints."

    11. Rebecca: "Variety."

    12. Maegan: "People of all shapes and sizes."

    13. Nefertiti: "I would like to see sustainable, creative fashion."

    14. Buddy: "Nautical (more octopus)"

    15. Hannah: "More flattering tops for women of all sizes."

    16. Kristina: "Inclusivity."

    17. Jes: "Diversity. Of all shapes, sizes, genders, ages, abilities & shades. It's a tall order. But it's possible."