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17 Gifts For That One Friend Who Is Constantly Late To Everything

Nothing says, "Get a watch, pal!" like, you know, a watch.

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1. "I haven't been waiting that long, I guess. Only 25 minutes."

Swatch, $80.

2. "I already ordered for us. The waitress was getting antsy."

Swatch, $60.

3. "No, I definitely said 3:00p.m. and not 3:30p.m."

Etsy, $54.99.

4. "I know you get really into your work, but can you just keep better track of time?"

Swatch, $120.

5. "The movie already started. I guess let's just skip it."

Etsy, $16.99.

6. "Just make sure you're on time, OK? I mean it."

American Apparel, $25.

7. "Where were you? It's freezing out here!"

Etsy, $29.99.

8. "Ah, I was just going to head out. Already been here for two hours waiting for you. Maybe next time."

Etsy, $19.99.


American Apparel, $25.

10. "I just wish you kept me a little more updated on where you are, y'know."

American Apparel, $230.

11. "We started eating without you, but at least you made it in time for dessert?"

Swatch, $50.

12. "It just stresses me out slightly when we have to rush."

Etsy, $65.

13. "Just try to be a little earlier next time, if that's cool."

Etsy, $27.

14. "I deliberately lied to you about the time so you'd be early and you're STILL late. HOW???"

Swatch, $130.

15. "Could you not, for once?"

American Apparel, $54.

16. "Seriously, don't be late, OK? Please? PLEASE???"

Etsy, $18.

17. * SIGH *

Etsy, $38.99.

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