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For Everyone Who's OBSESSED With Ina Garten And Her Husband Jeffrey

"Jeffrey LOVES chicken."

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When they're not together, they call each other just to check in.

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"How's the chicken stew?"

"It's great!"

"You're so busted, it's beef stew."

"Oh, right - beef stew."

"I bet you started with the ice cream, didn't you?"


They understand that the key to a solid marriage is getting boozy together.

Also, can we please make the hashtag #drunkhubby a thing???


In addition to anniversaries, they also count down the days BEFORE they met.

And they're always nostalgic about their younger days.

One of the things I love most about Jeffrey is that he thinks I still look like this!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

But they're also embracing their current, just-as-fabulous marriage.