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23 Flawless Responses To Straight Boys

"I thought you were AJ from the Backstreet Boys."

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1. You can be really, really honest.

2. Or just tell them it's not in the stars.

3. You can tell them that you have higher expectations.

4. (Especially when it comes to spelling and grammar.)

5. You can gently guide them back to earth.

6. Or give them a brief history lesson.

7. You can poke holes in their logic.

8. Or use this as an opportunity to really open up.

9. You can make some stellar observations.

10. Or throw them a curveball.

11. You can give them a harsh reality check.

12. Or just dodge the question entirely.

13. You can go for some simple banter.

14. Or just cut to the chase and tell them who's boss.

15. You can show them your "dirty" side.

16. Or your more refined one.

17. You can let them know you're busy.

18. Or that you have other goals in mind.

19. You can guide them to better sentence structure.

20. (Or to your bank account.)

21. You can dream big and share your dreams.

22. No matter what those dreams may be.

23. But, sometimes, silence is golden.

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