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    23 Feminist Tattoos That Totally Shatter The Patriarchy

    Pretty in ink.

    1. This Rosie the Riveter dagger that goes perfectly with whatever-the-fuck-you-want-to-eat.

    2. Or this Rosie, who's taking names.

    3. This ode to warriors.

    4. This simple venus symbol.

    5. Or this slightly more romantic take.

    6. This unabashed "feminist killjoy".

    7. Or this beacon of strength.

    8. This fish who needs a bicycle like a woman needs a man.

    9. Or this venus à la flowers.

    10. This peace sign that says it all.

    11. This anarcha-feminist symbol.

    12. Or this one, that's all-inclusive.

    13. This tat that's "so sorry for the inconvenience".

    14. This design that's saying "ovaries before brovaries."

    15. This relentless climber.

    16. And this endless fighter.

    17. This sunflower-themed riot grrrl.

    18. Or this feminist queen.

    19. This important vow.

    20. This blossoming riveter.

    21. And the fiercest Rosie you ever knew.

    22. These words of wisdom.

    23. And this homage to true gender equality.