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    19 Delicious Reasons To Visit Quebec

    Not bad, eh?

    1. Obviously, poutine. Fries + gravy + cheese curds = the meaning of all life on this planet.

    2. Poutine can also be slathered on top of a burger. *faints*

    3. Or seamlessly fused with Mexican food. Look at those guac ripples.

    4. Also, Quebec has Montreal bagels, which are normally wood-fired to damn perfection and are sweeter and denser than NYC's version.

    5. Hot dogs are called steamies and covered in sauerkraut, onions, and mustard (and totally worth le stinky breath.)

    6. You can get a burger at Dic Ann's in all its extra-saucy, flat-bun glory.

    7. There's tourtières, which are meat pies that have traveled to heaven and back.

    8. Hello, GORGEOUS.

    9. You can bless your toast with cretons, a spread made from ground beef, onions and spices.

    10. There's tons of smoked meat to go around, as it's a speciality that is not taken lightly.

    11. You won't know true happiness until you try the "Wilensky Special" -- salami, bologna, cheese and mustard cradled between two flattened rolls.

    12. That is, until you have a bite of pâté chinois -- a shepherd's pie made of layers of meat, corn and mashed potatoes.

    13. Orange Julep's iconically mysterious orange drink will leave you refreshed from its sugary, citrus-y goodness every time.

    14. Of course, you need to get BeaverTails, which are essentially fried dough with whatever you want on top.

    15. Poor man's pudding, drenched to the core in maple syrup, will make you realize that unwavering happiness is, in fact, attainable.

    16. Same goes for sugar pie, which is exactly what it sounds like and not the least bit disappointing.

    17. And maple taffy, where boiled maple syrup rests on fluffy white snow, waiting for you.

    18. You can drink everything down with ice cider, aka dessert apple wine Quebec invented.

    19. And since maple syrup is packaged like expensive alcohol, it's clearly the nectar of the gods. Drench everything accordingly.