21 Daily Struggles Of Having Separation Anxiety

Alone time is scary :(

1. You have a mild anxiety attack when you arrive at a restaurant before your friends do.


2. And you texted a friend excitedly that one time you consciously decided to eat lunch alone, on purpose.

Paramount Pictures / Via hydroponic-candyjellybean.tumblr.com

It was so great being intentionally alone that you just had to share.

3. You feel incomplete if your weekends aren’t bookended with seeing your buds.

Friday - concert. Saturday - movie night. Sunday - brunch/second movie night. Perfect.

4. You always bring a gym buddy, even though you end up talking more than jogging.

^ They have the right idea.

5. That stereotype of women having to all go to the bathroom at the same time? You fulfill it perfectly.

Nickelodeon / Via peteneems.tumblr.com

(Regardless of gender.)

6. You’ve slept on a friend’s couch before simply because your roommate was away and you didn’t want to sleep alone.



You’re basically Jessa from Girls — always on someone’s sofa.

7. In fact, you will never outgrow sleepovers. You still get as giddy in anticipation as you did when you were four.

Dreamworks / Via whiteangelxoxo.tumblr.com

So many possibilities!

8. You’ve held off watching hot new Netflix series just so you could watch them with a friend.

Cartoon Network / Via miidniight-memories.tumblr.com

Yes, even House of Cards.

9. And you can’t imagine going to a movie or concert without a pal because you need to react with someone!

Company Pictures / Via io-sono-noir.tumblr.com

Especially if said concert or film is terrible.

10. You are comforted by the fact that, even if you could afford a studio apartment, you’d feel really lonely without a roommate.

You can always wait a few more years before taking the plunge into adulthood.

11. Reading in a public place is distracting because you see happy groups of friends and immediately want to hang out with yours.

Alone time is in your room and anything outside is friend time.

12. You’ve come to parties way later than planned because you didn’t want to go without your crew.

Summit Entertainment / Via octopussoir-.tumblr.com

You’ll pass on making new friends — you like the ones you have just fine.

13. And you’ve waited far too late at parties for your friends because you still wanted to end the night with a trip to a diner.


14. You’ve planned your trips back home around when your friends would be there.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via movieinimages.tumblr.com

Or you’d just invite them.

15. And you’ve brought your friends to dinner with your parents because the experience of free food and family time is only enhanced with a companion.

Why not?

16. Even though shopping alone is much more productive, you’d rather spend a day goofing around the mall with your friends.

Columbia Pictures / winnr.tumblr.com

Columbia Pictures / winnr.tumblr.com


Why buy necessary sweaters when you can try on expensive wedding gowns for fun?

17. While you recognize the wonder in traveling to a foreign place alone, you also can’t fathom going without a friend and have saved that trip to Paris just for that.

Universal Pictures / Via fuckyeahbridesmaids.tumblr.com

One day.

18. You used to hate board games with your parents as a kid, but, now, you’ll play endless games of Bananagrams with your friends (and alcohol.)

You get SO into it.

19. While other people get the full spiritual experience out of yoga or meditation, you exchange stressed out looks the whole time.

Yeah, you still can’t do Warrior Two without looking like a spazz, but the richness of your friendship is worth it.

20. When it comes to weddings and formals, your plus one is always, no question, your best friend.

What significant other?

21. You realize that you should probably be better at being alone, but your friends are special and you don’t want to spend a moment without them.

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