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21 Daily Struggles Of Having Separation Anxiety

Alone time is scary :(

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10. You are comforted by the fact that, even if you could afford a studio apartment, you’d feel really lonely without a roommate.

11. Reading in a public place is distracting because you see happy groups of friends and immediately want to hang out with yours.

12. You’ve come to parties way later than planned because you didn’t want to go without your crew.

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You'll pass on making new friends -- you like the ones you have just fine.


16. Even though shopping alone is much more productive, you’d rather spend a day goofing around the mall with your friends.

Why buy necessary sweaters when you can try on expensive wedding gowns for fun?

17. While you recognize the wonder in traveling to a foreign place alone, you also can’t fathom going without a friend and have saved that trip to Paris just for that.

19. While other people get the full spiritual experience out of yoga or meditation, you exchange stressed out looks the whole time.


Yeah, you still can't do Warrior Two without looking like a spazz, but the richness of your friendship is worth it.

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