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13 Classic Books That Deserve Sequels

Sure, most of these authors are no longer alive, but it's OK to dream. Inspired by the Harper Lee news.

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1. Pride & Prejudice


Why: Um, because we spent the entire book waiting to see Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy get together and now we don't even get to read about the rest of their magical lives together? IS THIS A SICK JOKE?

Suggested Title: Love & Loveliness.

2. The Catcher in the Rye


Why: It'd be cool to see Holden grow up! We could see him figure himself out and maybe even be happy? Or he can continue being crabby and angsty — it doesn't really matter, because his narration is addictive and there should be more of it in existence.

Suggested Title: The Pitcher in the Rye

3. 1984


Why: It's a powerful and scary book and we learned our lesson about privacy and government surveillance. Now can we please have a good old-fashioned uprising led by an old Winston and Julia who've somehow overcome all their emotional trauma?

Suggested Title: 2015


5. The Great Gatsby


Why: Nick never gets his own story, and surely he's changed a bit since meeting Jay Gatsby. He could certainly spice up the Midwest from all the things he's learned.

Suggested Title: The Pretty OK Carraway

6. Romeo and Juliet


Why: We've all thought of a fanfic where Romeo and Juliet double-tricked everyone by faking their tragic deaths and actually just ran away together under semi-obvious aliases, right? OK, good.

Suggested Title: Romea and Julius

7. Jane Eyre


Why: Yeah, we see Jane and Rochester get together and even have their first kid, but Brontë could've published a second book of just their flirty banter post-marriage and it would've been enough.

Suggested Title: Jane Fairfax Rochester

8. Lord of the Flies


Why: The boys finally come face-to-face with real adult humans by the end and it could be presumed that they start to have some semblance of order in their lives? Anyone else curious about what the heck that would look like?

Suggested Title: Lord of the Awkwardness That Only Comes From Kids Forming Their Own Barbaric Government


9. Frankenstein


Why: Frankenstein's monster SAID he was going to go out and freeze himself to death, but what if he instead just had a spiritual awakening, started a new life, met a nice lady or man? All fair possibilities.

Suggested Title: Frankensequel

10. Dracula


Why: Sure, Dracula dies, but what about Mina and Jonathan's son? Since Mina got quite a few bites from Dracula, is her son now part vampire? Is he as cute/annoying as Edward Cullen? These are valid questions!

Suggested Title: Draculawesome

11. The Scarlet Letter


Why: Hester's life really blows, and it'd be so satisfying to see Pearl grow up to be this rad feminist. Just saying.

Suggested Title: The Scarlet Sequel, Or, How to Smash the Patriarchy

13. The Metamorphosis


Why: It'd be kind of great to see Gregor's crappy family all get turned into roaches and see what it feels like. Or at least just Gregor's dad because he's such a tool!

Suggested Title: The Metamorphosis 2: Now It's Your Turn, Bitches