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27 People Who Are Still Best Friends With Their Exes

Confessions courtesy of Whisper.

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1. After a long relationship, it can feel weird to just toss someone who was so close to you away.

2. Especially since they likely knew you almost better than anyone else.

3. And you've developed a bond where you could really depend on each other.

4. So, in some way, it makes sense to still keep in touch.

5. But it can also get complicated.

6. Because feelings can inevitably linger.

7. Whether you want them to or not.

8. And then there's the issue with new significant others.

9. Because they could get really upset.

10. And so you might have to do some lying in your new relationship.

11. There are also other complications, like you not liking their new partners.

12. Or you worrying if the friendship will crumble when you find someone new.

13. Because you might be wondering if they're thinking this:

14. Or this:

15. Or this:

16. And you realize you have more at stake than you realized.

17. And while they may be mature about breaking up, you never want to hurt them.

18. Sometimes the friendship subtly hurts YOU.

19. And makes you agonize over what went wrong.

20. And you can start to doubt the validity of the friendship.

21. Because friends typically don't have to worry about constantly hurting each other:

22. Or question whether or not a few drinks will result in a hookup.

23. But sometimes, staying in touch can be surprisingly enlightening.

24. In some cases, you can both really, truly be fine with the fact that you're broken up.

25. And you can learn to handle the influx of confusing emotions.

26. Because sometimes, a friendship really can work.

27. And make you realize you can love someone without being with them.

For more confessions, be sure to check out Whisper.

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