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18 Very Real Reactions To Your Vibrator Dying

This shouldn't be wished upon one's worst enemies.

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1. There's a special type of hell in the world, and it manifests in the form of a broken vibrator.

When you buy a vibrator and breaks when you pull it out of the box #singlemissprobs

2. Like when a random part of it just stops working halfway through.

LMAO!!! LUNA!!!! "@thirdwardyonce: When you go to use your vibrator and the motor stops working "

3. Making you reflect on what treachery you possibly could have committed in a past life to deserve this.

When your vibrator stops working 😩

4. You're overcome with emotions you didn't even know you could feel.

"@ovomelly: my vibrator just died 🔋💀" You rn -

5. You try to compose yourself and be strong.

6. But the frustration cuts too deep.

😭😭😂😂RT @YerdMe_CMB: #2014Faves RT @ShaunaSayomi: When the vibrator suddenly runs out of batteries

7. You're pretty much ready to snap.

When you buy a new vibrator bc your other one broke but then the new one breaks too

8. Or maybe you already have.

when ur luxury vibrator breaks outta nowhere but u file a claim + they send u a replacement

9. You're just fed up with this cruel world.

When your boy has to work and your horny and your vibrator runs out of batteries

10. Nobody understands you.

11. Your technicolor, multi-orgasmic world has just faded to gray.

12. With teary eyes, you decide to move on.

13. You give your former clitoral companion a proper memorial.

hahah the anniversary of when the motor died on my vibrator

14. You think of the good times.

Rip Vibrator. You were my 1st Toy. Lasted for 2 months. Now you grew to be a nice small dildo lol. :)

15. You get innovative with replacements, thinking about your electric toothbrush WAY too much.

you when your vibrator runs out of batteries.. 🙊😂 @elinor_parry

16. If you're really hardcore, you get the job done the same way your ancestors did.

Lol I've only been doing it manually because my vibrator broke. :( rip hitachi wand

17. And if you're really determined, you make that long journey outside.

on my way to radio shack after my vibrator died like

18. But if you're lucky, fate will throw you a bone.

When you find another pair of batteries for your favorite vibrator:

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