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    11 Books To Read If You Want People To Know You're An Asshole

    A Sociopath's Guide To Dating is apparently a real book.

    1. For the subtle Christian Greys of the world.

    2. At least it's honest about "the exploitation of women"?

    3. "Benny Bastard" - seems legit.

    4. "And deception..." Nope, sounds like totally normal light reading!

    5. Nothing says "date me" like reading a book where women are literal shooting targets.

    6. Alternative title: How To Be A James Bond Villain.

    7. Because you really need to know "dark secrets" in order to talk to someone.

    8. Is this just bad marketing?

    9. Doesn't seem fishy at all!

    10. "Greene provides instruction on how to identify victims by type."

    11. "You’ve just got to see more of her long lean legs. Her fine rounded breasts. Her high, firm behind. For an instant you even consider rape." - real excerpt.

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