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18 Body Positive Style Bloggers You Should Be Following

Warning: hide your wallet, because you will want all these clothes.

1. A Curious Fancy

Ragini Nag Rao has written some amazing pieces for xoJane on the topics of body image and race and her blog is just another testament to her brilliance, and will make you want to immediately shop for berets and opaque tights.

2. Musings of a Curvy Lady

The blogger behind Musings of a Curvy Lady is almost never sans heels and always makes an entrance with neon pumps, sexy high-waisted skirts and a collection of bags to die for. She could definitely give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money.

3. Twee Valley High

Kristina Uriegas-Reyes makes you instantly nostalgic for retro fashion, sporting pillbox hats, silk scarves and vintage prints that you'll covet at first sight. She fully commits to the look with her hair and makeup, mastering cat eyes, braided crowns and the perfect red lip (and she has plenty of beauty tutorials on xoJane for you to learn yourself.)

4. P.S. It's Fashion

Fashion writer Liz Black is all about making a statement, from her Little Mermaid-level red hair to her space-print swimsuits to her maxi skirts that always happen to be blowing epically in the wind.

5. The Print Fiend

As her blog name suggests, The Print Fiend's Julia is all about prints and has some of the coolest pieces ever (like a GOOSEBUMPS skirt.) She pairs one-of-a kind prints with charming hair accessories and cheeky necklaces and is just impossible not to love.


Gabi's motto is perfect: "If you love fashion but you're sick of being told to wear A-line skirts, wrap dresses, boot cut jeans, and slimming prints, this is the blog for you." Also, her Kim K costume <3

7. Lady Sings The Blues

The lady from Lady Sings The Blues is an actress and blues/funk vocalist who just makes you want to be her because of her stunning accessories, sexy as fuuuh makeup and radiant blue hair.

8. The In Between Girls

Bianca's simple style is always brought together by some serious statement piece -- be it a pair of sheer lace knee-highs, Jeffrey Campbell heels, or the perfect umbrella.

9. Miss Alphabet

Miss A makes fantastic rainbow-hued clothes and isn't afraid to have a lot of fun! :)

10. My Curvy Valentine

The professional cake decorator and self-proclaimed mermaid princess behind My Curvy Valentine has great style range -- switching it up from retro capes to destroyed jeans in a heartbeat (with her flawless porcelain skin and jet black hair complimenting each look.)

11. LilGrrrlCreep

LilGrrrlCreep has a dye job to die for and a fun, punky style that proves she never takes herself too seriously, even though she has full right to (she's the Editor-in-Chief of Bitchtopia Magazine and a licensed cosmetologist). Also, she has the cutest bedroom of all time.

12. Everyday Thoughts And Ramblings

Alison is your go-to for the adorable, girl-next-door look -- making you fall in love all over again with belted floral dresses and knee-high leather boots. Mostly though, her smile, which is present in every picture, is absolutely contagious.

13. I Got A Lust For Life

Tumblr user Denim and Paisley is your go-to for an edgy, Audrey Horne-meets-Courtney Love kind of look. Her dip-dyed lavender locks and penchant for band tees and leather jackets make her blog a style staple.

14. Prettygirlglam

Rebecca of Prettygirlglam is the person to follow if you're looking for a.) intelligent feminist discussion and b.) beautiful outfits that coincidentally happen to be work-appropriate (which is not always the easiest balance to find).

15. Curves Become Her

First off, Olivia Aarti's blog definitely wins the award for best title. But on top of reblogging other fellow body pos style bloggers, she puts together really down to earth and affordable outfits that don't skimp on being chic and flirty.

16. Christie Creepy Dolls

When she isn't making creepy dolls, Christie flaunts her tattoos and Bettie Page cut with LBDs and peter pan collars and looks positively badass while doing so.

17. GarnerStyle

The styles on this blog are both high fashion and fierce, never shying away from dramatic buns, peacock-toned sequins and bold gold statement jewelry, proving that the best fashion is also fearless.

18. His Black Dress

The description says it all:"Just a spooky boy in a dress. I am a cosplaying fatshionista sabotaging social perceptions of what men should and shouldn't wear." YES YES WITH A SIDE OF ABSOLUTELY YES.