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The 23 Best Tinder Responses Of 2015

"Hello baby" "Hi infant"

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1. When David failed on a fantastical level.

2. When Gordon was forced to look deep inside himself.

3. When this guy's failure was magnified.

4. When Sergio's poetry didn't go unnoticed.

5. When Luke begged the question: "water you doing, dude??"

6. When Michael got schooled.

7. When Isosceles just wasn't the one.

8. When this guy poked a hole in his own pickup line.

9. When Caleb was too easily encouraged.

10. When Jake got romantically fired.

11. When Dillon and his Tinder match went way back.

12. When Cameron's gift was rightfully rejected.

13. When Scott's message was anything but dazzling.

14. When Lance got the most direct reaction.

15. When Daniel had it broken down real simply for him.

16. When Mack proposed a safety hazard.

17. When this guy missed a significant point.

18. When Nick was all dad but no class.

19. When Ryan got knocked down a few pegs.

20. When Jonathan's opener didn't make the grade.

21. When Greg got asked the most important question of all.

22. When Felicia's silence made for the best joke.

23. And when Kevin finally met his match.

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