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17 Useful Tips If You (Like Me) Are Cooking Way More Than Usual

Because worrying about what to make for dinner every night is hard enough.

Right now, you're probably cooking a lot more than you usually do.

I’m supposed to eat and cook and eat and cook and eat and cook until I die????????????!

And if you also have to work or take care of kids (or BOTH), it can quickly become the most stressful part of your day.

There are some ways, though, to make the whole process less exhausting and time-consuming. Here are some tips that have helped me. 🍳

1. Create an inventory of what you already have.

2. Stock up on pantry essentials that'll last awhile.

3. Take advantage of sheet pan meals and one-pot meals.

4. Or make appliances do all the heavy lifting.

5. Know which ingredients you can easily swap.

6. Before you cook anything, fully read through the recipe and have a game plan.

7. And read the recipe reviews!

8. Set aside a couple of hours to batch cook for the week.

9. And if you only have time to batch cook one thing, make it a base.

10. Remember that canned or ready-made food can get you halfway to a meal.

11. And go easy on yourself if you're eating a bit less healthy than usual.

12. If you're able to, invest in good tools.

13. Focus on freezer-friendly meals.

14. Google emergency hacks if you mess something up.

15. Don't feel pressure to make something Instagrammable right now.

16. When you find a recipe you love, remember it.

17. If you live with someone, ask for help!