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    21 Before-And-After Tattoos That Will Make You Less Afraid To Get Inked

    Warning: Slightly NSFW images ahead. All images from Spike TV's Tattoo Nightmares.

    1. This nipple king who finally became a rock star.

    2. This, er, sultry tattoo that decided to switch over to something sweeter.

    3. This knight who definitely got a promotion.

    4. This butterfly who gained a few new friends.

    5. This anti-American who got a little wiser.

    6. This meow that progressed to a fierce roar.

    7. This cynical romantic who became a little more fun at parties.

    8. "Annabela," who magically transformed into a scenic autumn landscape.

    9. This middle finger that got a little more cultured.

    10. This metamorphosis from butterfly to dazzling peacocks.

    11. Or this transformation from dog to killer cobra.

    12. This change that totally backs up the statement "I think I can."

    13. This unicorn that finally became an angel.

    14. This sword that just got seriously decked out.

    15. This brass knuckle that went from a -2 to an 11 on the danger scale.

    16. This tough guy who explored his more artistic side.

    17. This free dragon who got a gorgeous upgrade.

    18. This scorpion who opted for a gentler existence.

    19. This "destiny" that was always meant to be a caterpillar.

    20. This unsavory stamp that got a lot more creative.

    21. And this alpha male, who finally decided to take flight.