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Posted on Oct 10, 2015

27 Stunning Reasons To Get A Tim Burton Tattoo

"It's plain as anyone could see, we're simply meant to be." —Tim Burton tattoo to you

1. Jack Skellington deserves to be framed on your body.

2. Nothing really beats a Tim Banksy tattoo.

3. Edward's soulful eyes CAN be captured perfectly in ink.

4. Tim's Cheshire Cat > all other Cheshire Cats.

5. Sweeney's guaranteed to be in a slightly better mood when with you.

6. If you can't commit to a real dog, commit to this lovable Frankenweenie.

7. And you can make him look a little peppier, if you want.

8. There's endless inspiration for a sleeve when it comes to The Nightmare Before Christmas.

9. Jack and Sally have never looked better.

10. You can get this awesomely fearsome snake-thing from Beetlejuice.

11. Especially if it's part of a larger Tim Burton sleeve.

12. Looks like Emily found her true love after all!

13. Also, it's basically been proven that all Corpse Bride tattoos are stunning.

14. Precious secondary characters are also solid choices.

15. Because it's been proven that Zero is the best companion ever.

16. Instead of Edward staying up in the castle forever, you can have him walk through life with you.

17. Sally is a queen and queens should stick together.

18. Note: She looks just as regal in black and white.

19. You can always opt for something small, like matching Tim Burton moths.

20. A Burtonized heart gives even the biggest romantics a bit of edge.

21. The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy is both a delightful poetry book and a tattoo muse.

22. You can incorporate Burton's original concept art to show off your Edward Scissorhands obsession.

23. Give Edward and Kim a cozy new home on your shoulder.

24. You can always flaunt your appreciation a little more subtly.

25. Or you can do a little fun crossover work.

26. If you can't commit to one Burton universe, you can always combine two.

27. And if you can't pick a movie, you can always just get the man himself.

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