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    Updated on Aug 12, 2020. Posted on Aug 12, 2020

    27 Things To Buy From Amazon If You Love Spoiling Your Dog

    Well, to be fair, the treat dispenser you can watch and control from your phone is equally a gift for *you*.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A monthly BarkBox subscription, because your pup could never have enough squeaky plush toys, healthy snacks, or chewy treats.


    Each box comes packed with two unique dog toys, two bags of fresh healthy dog treats, and one dog dental chew.

    Promising review: "My dogs absolutely love receiving their BarkBoxes. The toys are adorable, creative and I love the themed boxes. I love that you never receive the same theme twice, and the variety of treats and toys you receive. These toys actually last for longer than a week, which is very rare for my pups, compared to the typical plush toy even the ones marked as 'durable' are destroyed within the day. I especially love that some of the toys have another inside when they’re destroyed." —Allie B.

    Get it from Amazon for $35/month (boxes are available for small, medium, or large dogs).

    2. A Wi-Fi-controlled pet camera that also lets you virtually toss your boi a treat (and watch it from your phone so really you're spoiling yourself, too.)


    Promising review: "I bought Furbo because I was getting major surgery and knew I'd be in the hospital for awhile. Even though my baby's 'daddy' would be home I couldn't let my baby think I left him. So in the hospital I was able to talk to him, see him and of course give him his 'scooby snacks.' I love Furbo! And once I can go back to work I'll be using it there! If you love your baby like I do...I highly recommend Furbo!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $199.

    3. A variety pack of puppy "ice cream" (which you just mix with water and freeze) to give your dog the artisanal gelato shop experience they deserve.

    Reviewer's two dogs jumping excitedly and licking the tub of dog ice cream

    Promising review: "I'd been looking for a frozen treat exclusively for dogs, so when I found this product, I was ecstatic. Making the mixture was fairly easy. I just used a fork to thoroughly combine the powder and hot water, and to get all the lumps out, I mixed for about two minutes. After I was done, I let my dog lick the fork. She enjoyed it, so that was a good sign. The finished product: ice cream similar to a cup of Ben & Jerry's Brownie flavour (in appearance, of course). My dogs enjoy it very much, so I'm very much looking forward to them trying the other flavours." —flightsoffancy22

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 or Subscribe & Save for $8.99/month.

    4. A log full of squeaky squirrels you can hide around the house (or replace with all new ones once your toothsome doggo actually finds them).

    Dog chewing on log-shaped plush toy with included squirrels

    Promising review: "My dog LOVES this toy. I gave it to her for Christmas and it's still the only thing she wants to play with. Usually she gets bored with toys in a week. It's been about four weeks and she still loves her hedgehogs. I always make sure to load them up before I go to work in the morning and they are always all over the house when I get home. I can load other toys in the den as well to mix it up. I'm not sure if all dogs would enjoy this toy but my Maltipoo thinks it's the best." —Bekx

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in three styles).

    5. A chic, easily-washable velvet sofa bed for your dog(s) to lounge on — not to mention, you may secretly wish it also came in human sizes.

    Three dogs sitting on the mini sofa bed

    Promising review: "This couch is adorable and very classy looking which is exactly what I wanted. My dog has several floor type dog beds which she loves and will sleep in provided I am not occupying her favorite recliner. I always feel bad kicking her off when I want to sit down because she likes to sleep up on something so I thought this raised bed would be a good compromise and it is. I have it right next to my recliner and she loves hopping up on it and sleeping right next to me when I watch TV. Since the beds sleeping area was larger than the seat of my recliner I knew she was going to fit even though she is a little larger than 30 lbs. So go for it if your dog is medium-size!" —T. Hayes

    Get it from Amazon for $92.13.

    6. A "designer bag" squeaky plush if you want your pampered pooch to strut with the confidence of a fancy French heiress.

    Reviewer's dog holding the "Chewy Vuitton" plush toy that looks like a designer purse

    Promising review: "Lemon Drop got a Chewy Vuitton for her birthday. It’s her favorite purse LOL! She is a 6-lb Papillon and it can be tricky to find toys small enough to fit in her jaws. I ordered this in size small and as you see in the pic it fits and she enjoys carrying it around. Just like a lady holding her clutch! I added this to my “tiny dog toys” collection in our Amazon shop because we recommend it." —Melonie Loves

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in three sizes and nine styles).

    7. A frosted doggie cake kit (complete with a bone-shaped mold) so you can customize your confection and make it exaaaactly like your pupper likes it.


    This kit includes one reusable bone-shaped pan, one cake mix packet, one yogurt frosting packet, and one party candle.

    Promising review: "The cake mix I received only required water and a tablespoon of peanut butter (or plain yogurt for the peanut allergic) although the description states the peanut butter is optional. No honey was mentioned, and we always have peanut butter. Easy to mix up and perfect in the microwave. Just required one and a half tablespoons of water for the frosting. I crushed up mini Milk Bone treats to use as sprinkles and got the candles with 'Happy Birthday' decorations at the dollar store. I couldn’t provide a video of our dog enjoying his cake because he grabbed the piece I gave him and ran off to hide under the coffee table to eat it!" —Marcie

    Get it from Amazon for $14.64.

    8. A box of hand-decorated, whole-ingredient "get well" cookies for when your dog has to wear a cone, get their nails clipped, or experience any mild inconvenience TBH. (And yes, these come in styles for pretty much every occasion imaginable.)


    You'll get 10+ themed cookies.

    Promising review: "These dog treats are beautiful and adorable! We absolutely loved them, and so did Scout!" —David Weinfeld

    Get it from Amazon for $38.99 (available in seven styles).

    9. A DIY bubble fence window so your inquisitive pup can judgingly stare at your neighbor when they don't recycle.

    Dog looking out the bubble-shaped window from their fence

    Promising review: "Our dogs love it! Our old fence had gaps for them to see who was I the driveway, but with the more one, no gaps. The doggie windows allow them to see who is pulling up again! Each one took about 10-15 minutes to install, use the black ring to trace the inner circle, cut with jigsaw, mark the holes for the bolts and pre-drill, and use 10-mm wrench to tighten, not too tight to crack ring or globe plastic." —Summers

    Get it from Amazon for $31.88.

    10. A comfy, cotton "Adidog" tracksuit available in every color or size you need so there's really no excuse NOT to make your Pomeranian's OOTD dreams come true.

    Reviewer's dog wearing the "Adidog" black and white track suit-like shit

    Promising review: "Purchased this for my 20lb Male Cavapoo. I measured him as instructed and bought the 3XL for him (he's usually a medium) and it fits perfectly! He's going to be the most stylish dog at the park!" —Brittany Tefft

    Get it from Amazon for $9.48+ (available in sizes XS-9XL and in 10 different colors).

    11. A super-soft, nonshedding fleece blanket for your pup to cuddle up in (or for you to roll them into a blankie burrito before bedtime).

    Reviewer's dog laying under the fuzzy blanket

    Promising review: "Purchased for our Great Dane’s 8th birthday. He absolutely loves blankets, to lay on and suck on. This was the perfect gift for him. Nice quality and holds up well." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $18.98 (available in two sizes and colors).

    12. An outdoor canopy bed that shields your beloved floof from the sun without cramping their style.

    Dog standing in the grey canopy bed

    Promising review: "Sturdy and big enough for my 90 lb German Shepherd." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $43.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors).

    13. A stylish bowl set to keep your enthusiastic eater from spilling their food...and will catch every last crumb of kibble.

    Reviewer's dog eating from the two-bowl green set

    Promising review: "We love it! I’ve been searching for an affordable double bowl holder, and found this! It’s bright and Oliver loves not having to chase his bowls around! (He’s enthusiastic about food.)" —Carmelita

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in four colors).

    14. A luxury foldable stroller that's great for older or injured dogs, but *also* perfect for those times you just want to quickly cruise by your neighborhood with your finicky fur baby in the front seat.

    Reviewer pushing the stroller with their two small dogs sitting in it

    Promising review: "I freaking LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stroller and can't wait to take my babies out in it! It's pretty big though, so if you want something small this isn't for you. The size is perfect for my 19 lb chubby Shih Tzu and his 14 lb sister. The ride is so smooth it feels and looks like a real baby's luxury stroller. My fur babies attract a lot of attention but my chubby 19 lb Shih Tzu can be antisocial sometimes (like his mommy) so the privacy net is perfect for keeping little hands out and for when he gets overwhelmed. This stroller is quality made, with big strong wheels, an adjustable handle bar, smooth/ easy steering, and easy folding. It's pretty, And it didn't break my bank account! Anyway, I didn't mean to ramble but there ya go. I LOVE IT!!" —Yvette M.

    Get it from Amazon for $171.

    15. A faux-Burberry harness and leash set, because your Maltipoo has expensive taste 💅.

    Dog in the Burberry-like harness and leash set

    Promising review: "This little vest and collar have grown with my little puppy from 5 bs to 9 lbs. He still fits in it and everywhere we go he’s looking stylish. It’s more comfortable than a traditional leash and collar but we do normally have both the collar and harness on anyways. They don’t get in the way of each other." —gabby

    Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in three sizes and three colors).

    16. A suede memory foam bed that, no judgment, you might crash on yourself when your own 12-year-old mattress gets springy (if your Border Collie lets you, that is.)

    Dog laying in the stylish, circular bed

    Promising review: "Very nice and comfortable sofa, the cover is removable and washable and the inside has a waterproof cover.Its definitely worth the money. I currently have two bulldogs sleeping on it." —NMoose

    Get it from Amazon for $85.49+ (available in two colors and large or XL).

    17. A cushy bike basket with reflective stripes to keep your pet visible and, more importantly, provide extra storage for all their snacks.

    Dog sitting in the large blue fabric bike basket

    Promising review: "This is perfect for my 15 lb terrier. I love the harness clip so I can ensure that he is safely secured. (I just need a bit more practice since carrying the extra weight makes balancing/turning a bit different!). Love the sturdiness and breathability of the fabric so my pup won’t overheat in the summer." —Joelle

    Get it from Amazon for $48.99 (available in three colors).

    18. A treat baking set complete with several silicone molds and a recipe booklet, so your pup can snack on homemade biscuits All. The. Time.


    You'll get two trays: one paw-shaped and one bone-shaped.

    Promising review: "These molds are exactly what I've been hoping for. My small (20#) dog has medical issues that limit him to a canned Prescription Diet food. In order to give him 'treats', I'd been rolling the dog food into little meat balls; a messy and time consuming process. Now I fill these molds with his dog food and bake according to the directions in their recipe booklet. By adjusting the baking time I can make them chewy or crispy. I also use the smaller 'dog bone' mold to form portions into cold treats that I give him with his pills. I pop the mold in the freezer to set the shape, then pop them out and put them into a container. I'm ordering more of these today so that I can make bigger batches!" —Puppymom

    Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

    19. A cross-body mesh carrier bag that keeps your bb cozy while also giving them a great view, whether you're hiking or just checking out the farmers market.

    Reviewer wearing the pink carrier bag with small dog inside

    Promising review: "I ordered a size small for my 3 lb. Yorkie. It fits perfect with extra room. I love the adjustable strap and iPhone holder. She seems comfortable in it. Would recommend for your furry baby." —Tara Taylors

    Get it from Amazon for $21.88+ (available in two sizes and eight colors).

    20. A set of sturdy rope toys perfect for puppy teething, sneaky dental cleanings, or just the ability to play tug-of-war in every room in the house.


    Promising review: "For the price you are getting such a great value! My puppy's favorite toys are rope toys but most of the things we find in store are either 1) more expensive or 2) are catered towards small breed puppies, small breed adult dogs, or large breed adult dogs; I wanted to find the right size and texture for my large breed puppy who is still teething and these were just hard enough for her to absolutely adore them!! She is so obsessed with these toys that every time I take one out you would swear I slathered peanut butter on them!" —Brian

    Get a set of five from Amazon for $10.98.

    21. A faux fur, memory foam warming mat that'll cozy up your dog's corner while also making them look like a Succession patriarch.

    Dog sitting on the faux fur rug-like mat

    Promising review: "My dogs love these beds and they make my house look so much more tidy and fancy compared to normal dog beds. Awesome product." —Jamie Abney

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99+ (available in two sizes).

    22. Dinner For Dogs, an adorable cookbook, to make healthy dinners with human ingredients for your pupperoni, like meat pies and oatmeal.

    The cookbook

    Promising review: "I started using this cookbook when my male Airedale Terrier turned 6 months old. I have been cooking for him since he was 7 weeks. He was content with the other food, but he loves everything in this cookbook. He licks his lips while I'm cooking and cleans his plate every time." —C Pratt

    Get it from Amazon for $10.59+ or Bookshop for $11.91.

    23. A fleece-lined bed "cave" to cater to all your cuddlebug's snuggling, burrowing needs.

    Reviewer's dog resting in the cave-like fleece dog bed

    Promising review: "Both my dogs are so unexpectedly into this thing. Our rescue mutt is a total cuddle bug, so I actually got this for him to give him a spot other than our laps to snuggle in. He was the first one in it, and fit so well (he's about 23 lbs, and I got the large), and was so cute in what our friends now call "the pita". Then our shiba inu, who could care less about cuddles, figured it out about a week later and he has been sleeping in it every night since. If they are both feeling cozy (or silly) they can both even fit into it to spoon -- which is so cute. Hands down I would 100% buy another one of these." —Brittany Woodell

    Get it from Amazon for $89.95+ (available in three sizes and 26 colors).

    24. A plushie toy that'll gift your dog with another chewy ball inside when they finally tear it open.


    Promising review: "I can’t tell you how many 'indestructible' dog toys I’ve bought for my dog, only for him to get a piece off and ruin them after less than a day. It’s been a week so far and not only is my dog obsessed with this toy, but he hasn’t ruined it either! I’m happy that even when he does finally mess with the fabric outside, the ball is inside as well. Very happy, and I’m looking at the other versions now that I know I can trust them.

    ONE-MONTH UPDATE: The toy is still intact and I’m thrilled. My dog is still obsessed with it but he hasn’t pulled any of it apart yet! Very impressed. None of his soft toys ever last this long." —Tyler A.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in three styles).

    25. A doggie spa-level remoisturizer for detangling and re-hydrating your long-haired pupper's luscious locks.

    Via, Via

    Promising review: "Softest coat ever and doesn't make my dog itch. Smells nice for days but not overwhelming." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $8.25+ (available in two sizes) or Subscribe & Save for $7.84/month.

    26. A pack of turkey tendon "donuts," because these'll serve as a more natural alternative to rawhide and are great for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs.

    The ring-shaped treats

    Promising review: "Our dog has food allergies, so the only protein he receives is chicken. Finding chicken treats that she likes has not been easy. But these treats are very popular with our dog. She loves them. They are easier to digest than rawhide, so there is no choking. Each treat comes individually wrapped and each package contains a packet that is meant to absorb any liquids that might be present. I have ordered these treats and re-ordered them on several occasions. Your dog will not be disappointed. Additionally, there is very little odor to these treats." —Patti Johnston

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in a larger size and/or bone shape).

    27. A spacious booster car seat so your dog can dreamily stare through the window and existentially think about life like any teenager should.

    Two dogs sitting in the bed-like car seat

    Promising review: "I bought this booster seat for my daughter's dachshund mix. He was a terrible traveler and often got carsick. This seat made him high enough to see out the window. He is much happier and now enjoys going for a drive. It is long enough for him lie down if he wants. He mostly sits and looks out the window. This product is easy to install. It also has two liners for either hot or cool weather. They are easy to remove to wash. There are pockets to put small items like poop bags and treats." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $99.99+ (available in two styles).

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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