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A Definitive Ranking Of Foods To Eat After Sex

Post-coital treats you don’t have to get dressed for!

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23. A Cigarette


Though not technically a food, it's often reached for once the act of love has been concluded. It's a little sexy, it's mostly bad for you, and it ultimately doesn't fill you up. Boo.

12. Ramen (from the Package, Obviously)


This is the food version of a quickie. And there's an opportunity to bond over flavor choices (if you both agree on beef, you're a solid couple. Good for you!)

10. Deli Meats

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If you have at least three different kinds, you're good to go. Even if your hands get a little greasy. Plus, eating meat in bed is so positively medieval, in only the best way.

8. Bagel Bites


When you had these as a kid, you probably couldn't imagine possibly wanting them even more. But those feelings never went away, even as an adult having just done adult things.

2. Blocks of Cheese

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Your perfect union and sense of oneness could only be enhanced with one thing. Also, it's a fact that having cheese in your possession makes people fall in love with you more. So there's that.

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