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10 Reasons Russian Opposition Leader Alexei Navalny Is Hank From "Breaking Bad"

There is no question. (Breaking Bad spoiler alert, btw.)

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1. He fiercely opposes corruption and puts himself at risk for the benefit of society.

Alexei Navalny is Putin’s greatest political threat (note his phone, which spells "thief" using Putin's head as the "O"). Hank is Walt’s greatest threat as far as the law is concerned.

3. He has a wife who always has his back.

Navalny's wife Yulia is present and supportive at all major events. Marie Schrader is supportive of Hank from his time in the hospital through him trying to arrest Walt.


5. He also has some disturbing traits -- like referring to people as roaches.

Navalny is more than a young, anti-corruption liberal — he’s also a fervent nationalist and wants to crack down on immigration from Central Asia and the Caucasus, and once released a video where he compared Chechens to cockroaches. Hank frequently uses phrases like “beaner", even around Gomez. OH, and he compared killing Tuco to stomping on a roach.

6. Still, he says some incredibly bold things to his opposition.

Navalny called Putin’s United Russia party the party of “crooks and thieves”. Hank telling Walt off in that garage scene was one of the most satisfying moments of the whole series.

7. He was nearly framed for simply standing up to the man.

Navalny was spared a five year prison sentence for embezzlement today, a charge he claims Putin invented to punish him for his political ambitions and anti-corruption work. Hank was set up by a taped confession from Walt where he claimed Hank put him up to cooking meth -- all as a desperate last resort to get Hank off his back.


8. However, he got out of that mess with the help of the youth.

Navalny’s supporters (many of whom belong to a younger, Twitter-friendly demographic) no doubt played a part in raising awareness about him and his case. Hank finds a way around Walt’s threat by getting Jesse Pinkman on his side to testify against Walt.

9. Still, he’s been stopped short of his goal of seeking justice.

Though he was given a suspended sentence, Navalny was still found guilty of embezzlement, barring him from running for public office, including Russia’s next presidential election in 2018. Hank was shot and killed by Neo-Nazis.

10. But his supporters will do anything for him, and that's a big deal.

Many believe Navalny’s popularity helped keep him out of prison — he was too big to jail for a Kremlin fearful of a public backlash. Skyler and Flynn believing that Walt had killed Hank was what led them to call the cops on Walt, making Hank's work not done in vain.

Like Hank Schrader, Alexei Navalny is vastly complex, and for many Russians, he is bringing a new sense of hope to the nation. Who will you root for?

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